The New Normal

The Cloud and EPM

September/October 2016

Oracle Magazine talks with enterprise performance management experts about moving to the cloud.

IT departments are wrestling with how moving core enterprise operations to the cloud—along with supporting IT resources—will affect the business of IT within their companies. In this ongoing video series, Oracle Magazine interviews industry experts about how the journey from on premises to the cloud is changing day-to-day activities and operations.

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technologies have been leading the industry since before Oracle purchased Hyperion in 2007. Oracle Magazine caught up with long-time Oracle Hyperion EPM technology experts at the 2016 ODTUG Kscope conference and asked three experts how the growing number of EPM technologies in Oracle Cloud is changing their jobs and strategies.

Cameron Lackpour
Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director
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“When it was all on-premises EPM products, taking it apart, unstitching the applications, unstitching the systems was really hard because they were all interdependent on one another. Now that they’re more discrete objects [in the cloud], now that they’re more discrete systems, turning one off, adding more becomes a lot less difficult.”


Opal Alapat
Oracle ACE Associate associate-ace
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“When [Oracle] Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service first came out, they offered two interfaces with the cloud, and one was almost exactly like what you saw on prem and one was only cloud. Now we’re seeing that they’re shifting to only the cloud interface and it’s standardized.”


Tracy McMullen
Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director
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“It’s not going to be mass retraining when the upgrades and updates are applied. It’s kind of like you get an update on your phone, and you’re like, ‘Oh, wow. Hey, this is a new feature,’ which is good.”


Photography by Syda Productions, Shutterstock