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Simplify IT and drive innovation —Forbes.

November/December 2015

Simplify IT and drive innovation —Forbes.


“In this new world of cloud computing, everything has changed. And almost all of our competitors are new.” —Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO, Oracle

“It’s about a lower cost structure. It’s about a less complex environment. It’s about a more secure, reliable environment with rapid innovation that’s easy.” —Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle

“Hybrid cloud is our foundation and focus. I don’t know of any Oracle product that isn’t in the cloud already or won’t be there soon.” —Steve Daheb, Senior Vice President, Oracle

“PaaS [platform-as-a-service] offerings, such as Oracle Cloud Platform, have the ability to deliver unprecedented levels of business agility. The key now is to demonstrate to businesses just how easy it is to integrate this critical cloud platform into their IT architectures.” —Robert Shimp, Group Vice President, Oracle

“Mobile is about the richness of all the context you can give to the end user.” —Suhas Uliyar, Vice President of Mobile Strategy and Product Management, Oracle

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Photography byTina Hartung,Unsplash