Set to Bowl a Strike

Oracle Management Cloud provides the services that winning customers need.

By Jeff Erickson

January/February 2016

In December 2015 Oracle launched Oracle Management Cloud, a set of integrated management and monitoring services for heterogeneous and diverse environments. The Oracle Cloud–based services are designed to deliver everything from proactive monitoring and rapid troubleshooting to interpreting log files, orchestrating applications, and long-term application analytics.

Any time a team launches software of this scope, they have some hard-earned downtime coming their way. Oracle Magazine caught up with a few members of the Oracle Management Cloud product team relaxing at the Lucky Strike bowling alley in San Francisco, California, and asked them to talk about the new cloud services.

What’s in Oracle Management Cloud? We asked Glen Hawkins, senior director of product management at Oracle, to describe the services that make up Oracle Management Cloud.

Hawkins describes the three services that make up Oracle Management Cloud, but inquiring minds also want to know about scale. We asked Maria Kaval, senior director of software development, quality assurance, and user experience at Oracle, about the “cloud scale” of Oracle Management Cloud.

Kaval describes what Oracle Management Cloud can do with 2 million data center targets, but how do those operations help businesses? We asked Mughees Minhas, vice president of product management at Oracle, to tell us what Oracle Management Cloud means for customers.

Minhas wraps up this video coverage of Oracle Management Cloud, its component services, its scalability, and its power to improve application management.

Thanks to the product management team for taking some time out of their night on the town to talk to Oracle Magazine about Oracle Management Cloud.

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Photography by Michael Olsen, Unsplash