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Security Decisions—Simplified

Powerful Oracle security solutions make it easy to protect enterprise information.

By Tom Haunert

January/February 2016

For the typical user, the computer security experience is a very limited one, usually consisting of a single login and password. But enterprise-class information security—what’s behind logins and passwords across multiple systems—is as complex as the enterprise itself: a collection of interconnected and integrated software and hardware solutions.


Application architects and developers must address security in regards to application design, development, and deployment, as well as concerns about security slowing application development and performance. Swapping security for system performance is never a fair trade, and offloading security to other parts of an application or a process or service is just relocating necessary work.

For example, data encryption requires some processing overhead. But choosing not to encrypt data in transit or at rest in order to avoid that overhead is a decision no one wants to make.

From the Cloud to the Core

Oracle’s product and services portfolio includes a variety of powerful solutions that make security choices simple.

Oracle has delivered robust on-premises identity management and database products for decades, and has developed Oracle Cloud services that leverage those technologies, using the same always-on software security assurance policies and programs that it has refined over decades of on-premises product development. What’s more, with Oracle Cloud and the new Oracle’s SPARC M7 processor, which delivers always-on encryption with near-zero performance overhead, Oracle is not asking anyone to choose between performance and strong, full-time security.

Security at Every Level,” the cover story for this issue of Oracle Magazine, discusses Oracle’s secure development culture and provides information on Oracle’s identity management, database, infrastructure, on-premises, and cloud-based security solutions. You’ll read how Oracle Cloud encrypts, transmits, and stores data securely; how Oracle Identity Management solutions deliver true hybrid cloud security for on-premises systems and public clouds; how SPARC M7 delivers high-speed encryption and always-on, silicon-secured memory; and much more.

The safety of enterprise information is not optional, but as the cover story illustrates, Oracle offers multiple product and service options to help protect the enterprise with powerful and always-on security.

Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief

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