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2015 Oracle Excellence Awards
CIO of the Year | North America
Bill Blausey, Eaton

Leadership at Eaton focuses on customer information and sustainable technology solutions.

By David A. Kelly

March/April 2016


Even a multibillion-dollar power management company needs help generating business power. That’s why Eaton turned to Oracle solutions.

“Eaton is an integrated operating company that has several business units within the organization, each of which may have its own unique needs and challenges,” says Bill Blausey, Eaton senior vice president and CIO and winner of the Oracle Excellence Award for CIO of the Year—North America. “Our challenge—which ultimately can become our advantage—is how to create power out of our diverse organization. That’s where Oracle comes in.”

Oracle is helping us make it easy for customers to do business with us.”
–Bill Bluesy, Senior Vice President and CIO, Eaton

Oracle helps power the Eaton Business System, a set of core business processes that unify the diverse company. Eaton, based in Dublin, Ireland, with a North American headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, has 97,000 employees and revenues of more than US$20 billion. The company sells electrical, hydraulics, aerospace, and vehicle products in more than 175 countries, and its goal is to provide safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable power management solutions.

“The Eaton Business System is the glue that holds the entire company together,” Blausey says. “We deploy Oracle solutions across the enterprise.”

Eaton recognized the need for the company’s diverse businesses to approach customers in a more standardized fashion. It needed to gain a single view of its customers across businesses and product lines. So Eaton turned to Oracle’s Siebel and Oracle Eloqua solutions to unify its customer interactions.

Top Three Ways for IT to Create Value

Eaton Senior Vice President and CIO Bill Blausey and his team rely on the following strategies to drive growth and deliver results:

Focus IT on value creation. “We’re here to create competitive advantage and value,” Blausey says.

Create a reliable, secure, and scalable environment. “We need to continue to create scale, take out costs, and drive our IT operations toward commodity,” he says.

Run IT like a best-run business. “We measure everything we do so we can continuously improve,” he says.

“Oracle is really the heart and soul of our new commercial platform for interacting with our customers,” Blausey says. “Oracle is helping us make it easy for customers to do business with us and for us to understand them and identify legitimate prospects.”

Eaton is also investing in Oracle’s analytics tools, including Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. “We’ve created a hub of information around customer behaviors, as well as traditional analytics around sales, invoicing, orders, and opportunities, and brought that all into a place where we can really analyze the metrics across our diverse businesses,” Blausey says. “Oracle is enabling the strategy of how we really approach our market, how we think about selling our portfolio of products to customers.”

Conversational IT

Eaton’s relationship with Oracle isn’t the typical buyer-vendor relationship. It’s more of a conversation, Eaton Senior Vice President and CIO Bill Blausey says.

“We have a strategic dialogue about where it makes sense for Oracle and Eaton to work together and where we can create the most value for Eaton’s customers, for Eaton’s operations, and, in the end, for Oracle,” Blausey says. “We rely on our Oracle team for information on the direction of Oracle products and how they’ll fit together in ways that help optimize our processes.”

Eaton uses Siebel to map out sales opportunities, but it also uses it to manage customer requests, including the workflow to service those requests. It uses Eloqua lead management to profile leads and opportunities. Siebel is also integrated into Eaton’s call centers, so that when customers call in, agents will see their full context.

“What’s different about our solution is that it’s a platform,” Blausey says. “The fact that all of the applications and processes work together is what creates the power, and they’re based on Oracle solutions. For us, the power comes from having a single, integrated platform.”

And what makes the job fun for Blausey is the knowledge that what his team is doing will have an impact on the organization long after he has retired. “The tools and core processes that my team are building for Eaton, like our single financial or HR instance, are sustainable for the long term,” he says. “They’ll be here helping the company grow for a long time into the future.”

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Photography by Roger Mastroianni/Getty Images and JC Dela Cuesta/Unsplash