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The 2015 conference is a wrap, but the story continues.

By Tom Haunert

November/December 2015


According to the calendar, Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in San Francisco started October 25 and ended October 29. Those official scheduled days—and the scheduled days of every Oracle OpenWorld—bring together tens of thousands of people to talk, listen, share, understand, predict, and more. But the actual days of Oracle OpenWorld are a very brief part of the whole experience.

Start Early, Stay Late

In a significant way, Oracle Magazine is at Oracle OpenWorld 365 days a year (366 for leap years). The event is the center of the biggest annual release of Oracle news and other content, which informs our magazine year-round, especially our pre-event and post-event coverage.

For many Oracle customers, partners, and employees, Oracle OpenWorld may not be top of mind all year long, but the conference certainly affects those whose products, services, and technologies are featured in Oracle OpenWorld’s keynotes, sessions, exhibition halls, and partner events. The conference planning begins many months in advance, and the conference follow-ups, questions, answers, and thank-yous continue well beyond.

There's at and There's @

The most obvious way Oracle OpenWorld exists before and after each conference is in the digital world. Preconference and postconference social media posts, blogs, newsletters, articles, videos, and session presentations posted before, during, and after Oracle OpenWorld make it easy to be digitally at each conference months before and months after.

The cover feature of this issue of Oracle Magazine, “It’s in Our DNA,” includes information from multiple Oracle OpenWorld 2015 presentations on Oracle Database. “Conversation Starter” is a photo essay of some great Oracle OpenWorld moments, and “Break Time at Oracle OpenWorld” is a photo essay from an ODTUG reception to which Oracle Magazine was invited. (Thanks again for the invite!)

And Coming Up

The next Oracle OpenWorld will take place in San Francisco September 18–22, 2016. It’s never too early to start planning. Have you ever tried booking hotels in San Francisco just a few months before the conference?

Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief

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Photography by G. Crescoli,Unsplash