Oracle OpenWorld 2017

San Francisco, California, October 1–5

Oracle OpenWorld 2017 wants you to participate, learn, and take it home with you.

September/October 2017

Get a year’s worth of professional development in five days at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco, California. With more than 2,500 sessions and completely reimagined exhibition halls designed to foster learning and community, Oracle OpenWorld 2017 is focused on a better experience at the conference and a better information experience afterward.

New session formats—including flipped sessions (two-part sessions that give you a chance to apply our content to your real-world challenges), fireside chats with specialists, brain snacks (one-on-one conversations with fellow experts), and problem-solving—encourage active participation and collaboration among attendees. A new format for exhibition halls, called “The Exchange,” is designed to facilitate gathering and exchanging ideas and provide networking opportunities.

These new formats are the result of collaboration between Oracle and the Stanford Center for Design Research, which studies how people best interact and learn. Research shows that attendees retain up to 80 percent of information two weeks after receiving it if they are actively involved in the learning process, compared to retaining just 5 percent if they receive information passively.

So, join tens of thousands of customers and partners and get active. Collaborate, network, get “hands on” with technology, and learn at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.

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Photograph by Hartmann Studio