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Oracle Cloud at Customer: Bringing It All Home

By Mike Faden

January/February 2018

Companies are using Oracle Database 12c in different ways—both in the cloud and on premises—depending on their business needs and overall technology strategy.

And those businesses required to meet certain regulatory or other requirements that prevent them from moving to public cloud data centers are increasingly using Oracle Database 12c as part of Oracle Cloud at Customer, which provides an Oracle-managed cloud behind a customer’s corporate firewall.

“We took all our infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service technologies, and we’re making them available for running in a customer data center,” says Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president for database server technologies at Oracle. As with the public cloud model, customers subscribe to the hardware and software cloud service that they need. “They can grow it on demand, shrink it on demand, and so on,” says Mendelsohn. “It works just like public cloud, but it’s on their premises.” Not only does this allow businesses to realize the value of the cloud while meeting specific regulatory requirements, but it also provides performance advantages, says Mendelsohn. “The database is located in the same data center and on the same network as the customer’s other applications, so there is very low latency,” he says.

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