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Oracle Public Cloud provides a self-service, subscription-based model for building, deploying, and running applications in the cloud.

By Caroline Kvitka

January/February 2012

Caroline Kvitka, Oracle Magazine senior managing editor, sat down with Amit Zavery, vice president for Oracle Public Cloud, to talk about Oracle’s new public cloud offering. The following is an excerpt from that interview. Download the full podcast at

Oracle Magazine: What was the biggest cloud news at Oracle OpenWorld 2011?

Zavery: [Oracle CEO] Larry Ellison announced Oracle Public Cloud, a broad set of best-in-class, integrated services that provide customers with subscription-based, self-service access to Oracle products in a public cloud environment.

Oracle Magazine: What are the components?

Zavery: We’re providing applications and platform services, including Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management Cloud Service, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Cloud Service, Oracle Social Network [see “ Social for Business”], Oracle Database Cloud Service, and Oracle Java Cloud Service.

Oracle Magazine: How do the platform services work?

Zavery: Customers can either build new applications or take their existing standard Java and Oracle Database applications and deploy them to Oracle Public Cloud without rewriting them.

Oracle Magazine: How does Oracle Public Cloud differ from Oracle On Demand?

Zavery: Oracle On Demand provides hosted services for Oracle applications and technologies that a customer has purchased. Oracle Public Cloud is a self-service mechanism where you can purchase and provision a particular service for as long as you want.

Oracle Magazine: How does this subscription model work?

Zavery: You sign up for an account and select the service that you want. You get notified of the provisioned instance and can start using those services.

Oracle Magazine: What’s unique about Oracle’s public cloud offering?

Zavery: First, we provide a complete set of integrated services across applications and platform. Second, our cloud services are 100 percent industry standards–based, so customers can use SQL, Java, and so on to build their applications. Third, we provide customers flexibility to deploy the same applications both in the cloud and on premises without rewriting any code.

Oracle Magazine: Where does Oracle Public Cloud fit for customers running Oracle technology in their own data centers?

Zavery: If customers want to create a development and test environment without buying a server farm or software, they can sign up for Oracle Public Cloud and start building or move their existing application instantly. They can continue using their on-premises environment, but they gain the ability to do development and testing and add more capacity easily.

Oracle Magazine: Is Oracle Public Cloud appropriate for growing companies?

Zavery: I think it’s the right target system for anybody who’s looking for an easy way to build and use applications on the cloud, because there are multiple tiers of services offered with elastic capacity. Companies of all sizes can sign up for a service and grow into the capacity they use without having to pay for all of this up front.

Oracle Magazine: When is Oracle Public Cloud going to be available?

Zavery: Users can sign up now for early access to the service.

Oracle Magazine: What does Oracle Public Cloud mean for Oracle’s cloud commitment?

Zavery: Oracle has been building and delivering cloud products for several years. Customers are currently using our cloud offerings on premises or in hybrid cloud environments. We also have many software-as-a-service providers using Oracle products to host their services in the cloud. Oracle Public Cloud is a continuation of Oracle’s cloud strategy, providing customers with an additional deployment option.

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