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By Tom Haunert

September/October 2012

Oracle Magazine publishes some small amount of Oracle news every 60 days, and that’s not an apology or false modesty on behalf of the magazine. Oracle generates far more news about products, strategy, and technology in a two-month period than we could possibly fit in the pages of this publication. (Take a look at the Oracle press release feed at to see what I mean—and to search for the latest Oracle news.)

Information technology news is also the kind of news that benefits from several different approaches, formats, and presentations. Oracle Magazine strives to present Oracle news in news briefs and interviews, community briefs, customer reference stories, technology how-to content, and analysis. But even these variations are not enough to guarantee that organizations have the news they need to see the potential impact the latest Oracle products, strategy, and technology could have on their own operations.

Open Up

Fortunately, as the volume of news about Oracle and Oracle technology has continued to expand, it has gotten easier to separate into components and address with a tighter focus. The aforementioned Oracle press releases are now broken into bite-size bullets, suitable as launch points for social media conversations. Oracle Web pages, data sheets, white papers, customer case studies, and newer-media assets including podcasts, Webcasts, and videos present new information in all sizes, to fit the time you have and the approach you’re looking for when exploring any area of Oracle technology.

Finding time—that’s one challenge. Finding the right information with the right approach for your situation in the sea of information available to you—that’s another. I’m not suggesting that anyone avoid looking to Oracle Magazine,, Oracle newsletters, Oracle Media Network, Oracle Technology Network, or any of Oracle’s social media sites for information whenever you need it. But in addition, Oracle will be providing the news about products, strategy, and technology live and in person the week of Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, California, September 29 through October 5.

In the same way Oracle news volume has increased, so have the activities the week of Oracle OpenWorld. Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne continue as flagship conferences, joined this year by the new MySQL Connect. But Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne now include a series of new opportunities to focus on the news and networking related to your role and interest. Check out “Next Steps” for links to these @ OpenWorld and @ JavaOne events, and check out “Engineered for Innovation” for the full lineup of Oracle events the week of September 29 through October 5.

Another Time

In the spirit of doing more and thinking small, this issue of Oracle Magazine brings the “small plates” approach of our award-winning MashUp to Community Bulletin and the new Time Capsule. Let us know what you think about these pages, and for Time Capsule, let us know what pop culture, industry, Oracle, and Oracle Magazine history content you’d like to see.

Next Steps

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