Look Up, Test, and Vacation

May/June 2016

Explore gadgets and mobile apps and test your tech knowledge.

Apps: Build a Better Vacation
From booking your flight to seeing the sights, your vacation just got more efficient and more enjoyable with the help of these apps.

This app uses data to predict flight price behavior with 95 percent accuracy so you can find the cheapest flights without constantly checking back on airline websites. Search for trips, find the dates when flying will be cheapest, and be advised whether to buy now or wait until prices drop. Once you choose your flight, you can book it through the app. Free (Android, iOS).

Flyover Country
You don’t have to wait until you’re on the ground to begin sightseeing. Using only your phone’s GPS, data from various geological and paleontological databases, and cached Wikipedia articles, Flyover Country gives you information about the landscape you see from the airplane window—no Wi-Fi necessary. Whether you’re thousands of feet above Earth in a plane or hiking a trail at sea level, this app will alert you to points of interest such as glaciers, mines, and fossil discovery sites. Free (Android, iOS).

This travel recommendation app ensures that you hit the highlights on your trip. Follow in the footsteps of friends and experts, and add the spots you discover to lists. Free (Android, iOS).

Your smartphone is now a time travel device. This virtual reality app enables you to experience moments from the past in the place you are visiting. You can only unlock the 360-degree virtual reality videos when you’re at the site where the event occurred, making every trip seem like a quest. You can use it with or without virtual reality viewers such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. Free (Android, iOS).

Heads Up, Motorists

Check your speed and directions without taking your eyes off the road with this heads-up display for your car. Place your smartphone in the cradle on top of your dashboard and choose what you want to see—turn-by-turn directions, road curvature, speed, trip data, and so on. In conjunction with a HUD (heads-up device) app of your choice, the HUDWAY Glass displays your chosen data magnified by 20 percent on the sturdy and lightweight transparent plastic lens. Because it’s independent of the windshield, the HUDWAY glass works in any car and almost any visibility condition. A compact 5-millimeter mount and a 30-degree tilting mount are both available. US$49.99.

Portable Power

Keep your phone and tablet charged all day with a gadget about the size of a credit card. Especially useful for travel and conferences, the Anker PowerCore 10000 is the smallest and lightest 10,000-mAh portable power bank on the market. You’ll hardly notice the PowerCore 10000 in your pocket, but you will notice that your productivity increases when your devices stay powered. Compatible with Android and Apple devices. US$29.99 (Android, iOS).

Business Stats
Top 8 Cloud Challenges

Security is no longer the biggest concern about cloud, according to the RightScale 2016 State of Cloud Report. One thousand and sixty respondents in IT/operations, development, and business said they were most concerned about lack of resources/expertise, with security as a runner-up—followed by compliance, managing multiple cloud services, and managing costs tied for third place.




1. The name for 1027 bytes is
a. Brontobyte
b. Beopbyte
c. Yottabyte
d. Overbite

2. An application deployment model involving the extension of a company’s private cloud into an external public cloud, enabling the company to consume additional resources only when needed, can be referred to as all of the following except
a. Hybrid cloud
b. Community cloud
c. Cloud bursting
d. Elastic bursting

3. A “thunk” can refer to all of the following except
a. A portion of code that may be executed independently of the main program
b. A function with no parameters that returns an address for a parameter
c. A subroutine in an overlay programming environment that loads and jumps to the correct
d. A loud noise


1. Correct answer: A The names for such large units of data are still more de facto than cut-and-dried; you won’t find brontobyte in the dictionary—yet. Nor will you find geopbyte, the proposed label for 1030 bytes. 2. Correct answer: B A hybrid cloud model is also called cloud bursting or elastic bursting because the application “bursts” from private cloud to public cloud when the demand for computing capacity spikes. Community cloud, on the other hand, refers to a model in which organizations with similar requirements share infrastructure. 3. Correct answer: A A portion of code that may be executed independently of the main program is called a thread. The term thunk may have come from a comical past tense inflection of think.

Photography by Sharon McCutcheon,Unsplash