Journey to the Core

Oracle X5 engineered system releases deliver new data center core computing solutions, a roadmap to the data center of the future, and connection to the cloud.

By Tom Haunert

March/April 2015

Oracle Engineered Systems:
X5 Releases and More


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In a presentation that documented Oracle’s history and leadership in engineered systems development and started a new chapter in Oracle’s engineered systems story, Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison unveiled the next generation of Oracle engineered systems at Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, on January 21, 2015.

Ellison pointed to the success of Oracle Exadata and other Oracle engineered systems designed for extreme compute performance on extreme workloads. But he also described the data center trend that focuses on investing in two-socket commodity servers with low purchase prices.

We can’t find anything that’s within a factor of 10 as fast. We are much faster than anything else out there. Much faster. ”–Larry Ellison,
Executive Chairman and CTO, Oracle

Ellison then explained a new focus for Oracle engineered systems—the data center core that has embraced this two-socket trend—and he introduced a lower-cost and better-performing solution than commodity servers. He offered competitive information on the better price/performance benefits that can be delivered by a combination of Oracle engineered systems over commodity hardware with Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance X5 and the Oracle FS1 Series flash storage system. Together, the systems deliver a complete, converged infrastructure system, and Ellison provided metrics that showed the system combination enables organizations to reduce complexity by up to 70 percent, deploy applications seven times faster, and cut capital expenditures by as much as 50 percent.

Journey to the Core

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Ellison summed up the price/performance benefit of Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance X5 and the Oracle FS1 Series flash storage system: “You pay half as much, but have to be willing to go twice as fast.”

More Computing at a Lower Cost

Better performance at a lower cost was an ongoing theme as Ellison stepped through each of the engineered systems that was updated to an X5 release, including the aforementioned Virtual Compute Appliance, as well as Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, Oracle Database Appliance, and the original engineered system—Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

The sixth-generation Oracle Exadata X5 is the highest-performance and lowest-cost platform for running Oracle Database. This latest release also includes three new machine configurations as well as elastic configuration options.

Elastic configurations mean that the new Oracle Exadata systems can be configured and expanded one server at a time, and existing Oracle Exadata systems can be expanded with new X5-2 servers and run new Oracle Exadata software.

Ellison suggested that there was almost nothing to compare to the performance of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5. “We can’t find anything that’s within a factor of 10 as fast. We are much faster than anything else out there. Much faster,” he said.

More X5 Systems

Ellison also described X5 updates to several other Oracle engineered systems:

  • Oracle Database Appliance X5 increases compute cores storage to improve consolidation density by up to four times over the previous generation, and it saves businesses time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database and application workloads.
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance X5 includes twice the RAM and 2.25 times the processor cores of the previous system release. Oracle Big Data SQL extends Oracle SQL to Apache Hadoop and NoSQL, and the engineered system hardware and software combine to deliver Hadoop and NoSQL at a 35 percent lower three-year total cost of ownership and with 30 percent faster deployment time than a custom-built cluster.
  • Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X5 updates the revolutionary backup and recovery solution announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in San Francisco. The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X5 eliminates data loss exposure for all Oracle databases without affecting production environments, and it features newer processors and more flash to enable faster recovery and higher throughput.

More for the Data Center and the Cloud

Ellison concluded his presentation with information on the relationship of the data center and the cloud, and pointed to how data centers and the cloud interconnect today and how there must be compatibility between the data center and the cloud in the future.

“The things that we sell you to run in your data center gracefully connect to things that we run in our cloud. So you can move applications and data back and forth and back again on an as-needed basis,” Ellison concluded. “And that really is the data center of the future.”

More Events and More on Oracle X5 Engineered Systems

Several presentations followed the January 21, 2015, presentation by Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison:

Senior Vice President of Oracle Systems Technologies Juan Loaiza presented a deep dive into the technology and technology updates in Oracle Exadata hardware and software as well as updates to Oracle Exadata X4-8 and Oracle SuperCluster systems. Loaiza provided metrics for Oracle Exadata X5 performance; shared details on Oracle’s new database in-memory machine, extreme flash OLTP machine, and data warehousing machine configurations; described technology and industry firsts in Oracle Exadata X5; and talked about the biggest competitor to Oracle Exadata. Loaiza connected the technology facts, figures, and firsts with two Oracle Exadata X5 themes: spend less by doing more, and spend less by paying less.

Oracle Vice President of Global Business Development and Product Marketing Harish Venkat hosted a panel discussion featuring Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Linux and virtualization; Ashish Ray, vice president of product management, Oracle Exadata and Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance; Bob Thome, senior director of product management, Oracle Database Appliance; and Mike Workman, senior vice president, flash storage systems, that covered the technologies, business benefits, and use cases of Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance X5, Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X5, Oracle Database Appliance X5, and the Oracle FS1 Series flash storage system.

Oracle Vice President of Big Data and Advanced Analytics Neil Mendelson presented information on the state of big data and how businesses are evaluating and choosing big data solutions. Mendelson described the Oracle Big Data Appliance X5 CPU and memory improvements over the previous release and how businesses are choosing the lower cost of Oracle Big Data Appliance over custom-built clusters.

Follow the links in Next Steps to see on-demand video for each launch event.

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