Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador

It’s Always Time to Change

Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador Rolando Carrasco lives on a steady diet of daily transformation.

By Bob Rhubart

July/August 2018

Business and technology transformations come in waves and are often measured over years. For Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador Rolando Carrasco, each day begins and ends with transformation.

While the bulk of his time as a developer, architect, and co-owner of S&P Solutions in Mexico still involves middleware and service-oriented architecture (SOA), the evolution of the IT landscape is shaping his future. That’s why he devotes time each morning and evening to expanding his expertise for game-changing technologies. “In the mornings, before I do my daily activities, I really try to read and put into practice whatever new tech I am testing. At night, a little bit more,” Carrasco explains.

A 2001 graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México, Carrasco got his first full-time job with HP in Mexico, where he discovered his aptitude for Java and middleware. In 2002, Carrasco began an eight-year stint with Oracle where he focused on application servers, eventually becoming Latin America regional principal product manager for Oracle Fusion Middleware.

But transformation never stands still, and in 2010 Carrasco took a big leap. “I realized there was an opportunity for consulting services in the Latin American market, because I was covering the whole region. So I started a company.”

S&P Solutions, based in Mexico City, now has 35 employees. “I think 70% of our projects are based on SOA or Oracle SOA Suite onpremises,” Carrasco says. “It’s been good, but I think it’s going to change in the coming years.”

In preparing for that change Carrasco devotes about 30% of his time to acclimating to what he sees as the future of IT. “We are preparing for multiple things. One is microservices. Everybody’s engaging with how to model, design, and architect a solution from a microservices perspective,” he explains. Containers are also on the agenda as the new backend and platform technology.

These days, nearly half of Carrasco’s time is spent on APIs. “Because of my knowledge around SOA, my natural next step was API management,” he says. “Most of our SOA projects now are publishing APIs, because most of those projects also have applications in the cloud that need to connect to on-premises back ends. We are doing that through APIs. It’s been a natural thing.”


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Carrasco expects to be working with APIs well into the future. “APIs are one of the pillars of digital transformation,” he explains. “Everyone is going to be trying to publish something for someone,” and that’s all about APIs.

Regardless of what’s being developed, Carrasco still enjoys coding. Most of that coding is in Java, though he is also taking steps to learn Go, driven by his interest in serverless technologies and the open source Fn Project. “I found that the Fn Project supports Go, so I thought this may be important.”

Carrasco equates that hunch to the decision he made nearly 15 years ago to specialize in middleware. “It’s still giving me a lot of work today,” he observes. “Maybe it’s a little bit romantic, but that changed my professional life. That’s the moment that changed everything.”

Despite his schedule and workload, Carrasco still finds time to share his insight and expertise with the community. Having already earned status as an Oracle ACE, he was one of the first group of inductees in the Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador program. A prolific writer, Carrasco has authored a number of articles for the Oracle community and was coauthor of Oracle API Management 12c Implementation (Packt, 2015). He has also presented at Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Code events, and he is active in user groups in Mexico City. It’s all part of his ongoing effort to keep up with and be a force for transformation.

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