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Hello, Bigger World!

There’s a lot more to modern application development than knowing how to say “Hello, World!”—and that’s good news.

By Tom Haunert

January/February 2017


Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief, Oracle Magazine

For developers, creating a “Hello, World!” application is a very simple start, a first step toward understanding the syntax of a programming language. But it’s the next step that has gotten a lot more interesting.

Today’s enterprise application developers have a “Hello, World!” fluency across multiple languages, including Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby, and multiple frameworks, including Spring Boot, Dropwizard, React.js, and Oracle JET.

Today’s developers are also working with different types of databases, so in addition to accessing relational databases via SQL, they’re connecting to NoSQL and in-memory databases, sometimes using other new frameworks and languages. And after choosing and learning languages, frameworks, and databases, today’s developers are choosing and learning to use open source tools for application containers, microservices, and DevOps—tools such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, and Docker.

Oracle Cloud supports all of these developer choices, and that’s the message in this issue of Oracle Magazine.

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In our cover story, “Open for Developers,” Alexandra Weber Morales dives into how Oracle supports open, modern, and easy-to-use languages, frameworks, and tools for today’s enterprise development projects. In “Cloud-Native Delivers,” Siddhartha Agarwal, vice president of product management and strategy at Oracle, discusses today’s cloud developer challenges and Oracle’s open solutions. And “Personal Development” lays out Oracle Code 2017, the 20-city developer event series scheduled to start in March 2017.

To describe the key takeaways from this issue’s developer stories another way: Oracle Cloud services are open for today’s development projects; cloud-native development saves time and money; and Oracle Code is coming soon to a city near you. Here’s one last invitation to attend Oracle Code: The call for papers is open. Send your proposals early and often.

Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief
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