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By Roland Smart

July/August 2014

Opportunities and Challenges in Big Data Architecture

Everybody’s talking about big data, and some of the conversations are about architecture. Now available on the OTN ArchBeat blog, at, a three-part podcast series explores big data architecture with Oracle ACE Director as well as three of the authors of Oracle Big Data Handbook (


The conversation provides practical advice on several crucial architect-related projects and responsibilities, including how to distinguish an architecture that is ready for big data from one that is not, how to avoid some common mistakes enterprise companies make at the beginning of their big data journey, and how to master rapid data proliferation with technologies such as Oracle Database 12c.

Nominations Are Open for Oracle ACE Associate

There’s a new way to get involved in the Oracle ACE program: become an Oracle ACE Associate.


The Oracle ACE program highlights excellence within the global Oracle community by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated both technical proficiency and strong credentials as community enthusiasts and advocates. Participation benefits include access to exclusive speaking and networking opportunities at Oracle events and third-party conferences.

The Oracle ACE program recently welcomed its first Oracle ACE Associates, who join a thriving community of more than 420 Oracle ACE Directors and Oracle ACEs. Download an Oracle ACE Associate nomination form at

Get Published

Every year millions of people read OTN’s community-member-authored technical articles to get the latest insight into database application development, cloud computing, mobile design, and more.

Now it’s your turn to inform and engage this readership. If you have how-to technical insight to share with OTN members, consider submitting a 2,000- to 3,000-word article. Get started and learn more about OTN’s editorial process and content requirements and guidelines at

Download Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4

Oracle Solaris Studio is a suite of compilers and code analysis tools that assists developers in creating highly optimized, robust, and secure applications for the Oracle Solaris and Linux operating systems. These tools help application developers achieve the best performance on Oracle’s newest SPARC T-Series and SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers, Fujitsu’s M10 servers, and Intel-based servers. Download the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 beta release (SPARC, x86, and Linux versions are available) at


Java 8 Launch Videos On Demand

More than 9,000 Java community members attended the Java 8 launch event to mark the latest iteration of the largest open standards–based, community-driven platform.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full event replay at On this page, you can also view videos on the newest tools and features in Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME 8. And for those looking to dig deeper, check out the expert tutorials on topics ranging from using lambda expressions to developing modular service-enabled applications.