Go Big, Go Metal

Falkonry chooses Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services to support its pattern-recognition software.

By Linda Currey Post

July/August 2017

Big, powerful software solutions require powerful infrastructure. Falkonry, a Silicon Valley startup, is delivering an eponymous software offering to its customers on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud infrastructure services to unlock data-rich insights and improve industrial and operational processes.

By evaluating huge amounts of data transmitted by engines, motors, thermometers, and pressure gauges on production lines, the software uses pattern recognition and machine-learning technologies to hunt for data patterns that predict trouble. Plant managers can then take corrective action and avoid costly plant shutdowns.

This kind of predictive problem-solving requires a computing environment capable of quickly and accurately analyzing “mountains of data,” says Nikunj Mehta, founder and CEO at Falkonry.

“Our customers are looking to apply the advanced analytics in Falkonry software to their operations data,” he says. “They need powerful processors and an infrastructure architecture that is elastic and scalable.”

That’s why Falkonry tuned its pattern recognition software to run with maximum efficiency on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services.

Using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, companies can quickly increase their compute, storage, and networking capacity to fit the requirements of the job at hand, without having to invest in or maintain equipment, explains Marc Levy, vice president and architect for the Oracle Bare Metal development group. The flexible platform offers organizations unmatched performance and availability, rock-solid security, and an economically attractive alternative.

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“They want the most-direct access to raw infrastructure; they want big, beefy processing boxes; they want lots of very fast storage; and they want a very, very fast network,” Levy says.

Benefits in Bare Metal Infrastructure

With Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, organizations can run on isolated hardware, virtual machines, or containers—without the traditional “hypervisor penalty,” in which a virtual server runs more slowly than the hardware allows. And they can have granular control of their services and security, while reaping the benefits of the elastic access to more resources, high performance, high availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services.

The innovative infrastructure options, Levy suggests, offer customers the best of two worlds, marrying the benefits of traditional infrastructure with the flexibility of the public cloud.

Falkonry CEO Mehta says the design of the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud infrastructure meets the needs of his customers perfectly.

“By using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, we are able to add a very large amount of computing power in a very short amount of time to explore the data around our customers’ problems and provide very quick responses,” Mehta says.

And Mehta, who has pushed for the “democratization” of analysis that extracts insights in complex operational data, has designed Falkonry so that it elastically scales on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services to accommodate business users.

“You don’t need an advanced degree in data science to benefit from this technology,” he says.

From Perfecting Industrial Processes to Saving Lives

Manufacturers and mining companies are already using Falkonry software to stop trouble on the production line before it starts. In the future, CEO Mehta envisions geologists using Falkonry software on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services to find patterns in electronic signals from deep in the earth that presage earthquakes and warn communities in harm’s way. And he believes physicians will use the technology to recognize electrical “storms” in the human brain that foretell the onset of epileptic seizures and strokes, so they can intervene with drugs and surgery.

The combination of Falkonry software running on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, Mehta says, “is a great fit” for these important interventions.

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