Game Changers

Peers on communities and technologies that are radically enhancing the way they work

By Blair Campbell

September/October 2014


Danny Bryant

Which new features in Oracle Database are you finding most valuable? I’m exploring the Oracle Multitenant option of Oracle Database 12c as it relates to managing and replicating my development and test application instances. The ability to bring up or copy an entire database without the need to build another database server is tremendous.

Peer Specs

Company: City of Atlanta, Georgia

Job title/description: Senior IT manager, Oracle Applications, responsible for managing a team providing support for Oracle solutions
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Length of time using Oracle products: Four years
Oracle ACE Associate Oracle ACE Associate

What technology has most changed your life? Mobile. With BYOD [bring your own device] initiatives, the wide variety of mobile platforms makes supporting them a challenge. Oracle has been great at delivering updates to support these constantly changing environments.

You recently became one of the first Oracle ACE Associates. What was the process for earning that status? Becoming an Oracle ACE Associate is based on your contributions to the Oracle community. Over the last year and a half, I really began to share my experiences with Oracle technology over social media and to connect with leaders in the community. Networking and demonstrating knowledge of the technology is the starting point—and now I hope to add to that body of knowledge by learning and sharing, in order to become an Oracle ACE.


Mia Urman

How did you get started in IT? As a summer intern at Bell Canada, I was tasked with printing the e-mails of a woman who was on maternity leave and then cataloging them into binders by project. After about a day, I got bored and decided to build a small macro in Visual Basic that could automatically filter her e-mails into different folders on her computer. After she saw that, she quickly moved me to the database department.

Peer Specs

Company: AuraPlayer Modernization Solutions, a technology company providing solutions that enable Oracle customers to modernize their legacy Oracle Forms–based systems for new environments

Job title: CEO and cofounder
Location: Brookline, Massachusetts
Length of time using Oracle products: 16 years
Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director

How are you using mobile computing at your company these days? As a mobile enablement company, we are working alongside Oracle to help Oracle Forms customers go mobile with their existing systems. Using Oracle’s mobile framework and development tools, we are able to build apps based on our web services and deploy to both iOS and Android devices from one code base. It’s a huge timesaver for our mobile projects.

What advice do you have about how to get into mobile development? I suggest following Oracle ACEs and Oracle product managers on Twitter to find interesting blog posts and get more involved in the community. Another great information source is YouTube. And definitely utilize the user groups for free webinars!


James Anthony

What’s your favorite tool on the job? I find Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to be a big help, and I’m a massive fan of the Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor features—they really help me and the team break through the barrier and spend our time fixing issues, rather than trying to find them.

Peer Specs

Company: e-DBA, an Oracle Platinum Partner providing Oracle managed and cloud services, professional services, and software asset management

Job title/description: Technology director, responsible for overseeing the technologies deployed on client projects
Location: London, England
Oracle credentials: Oracle Certified Professional (several releases, including Oracle Database 10g) and Oracle Certified Master (Oracle9i Database), with 18 years of experience using Oracle products
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

How about a favorite technique? Having a background in tech support is a big benefit; it helps me break problems down quickly into smaller pieces and get to the root cause. I see a lot of people still trying to fix issues at the top level, instead of building from the ground up and figuring out where in the layers something’s actually broken.

Which new features in Oracle Database are you finding most valuable? We’re doing a lot of work with the Oracle Multitenant option, and we were also fortunate to be part of the Oracle Database In-Memory beta. These are big game changers; they provide so much value that I think once people see them they’re going to want to move to Oracle Database 12c.