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From Analog Potatoes to a Coding Career

Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador Loiane Groner shapes the real world.

By Bob Rhubart

November/December 2018

As a teenager, when Loiane Groner selected computer science as a course of university study, she wasn’t thinking about computer programming or coding. “I thought that I was going to learn how to fix computers,” she explains.

“In Brazil you have to choose your major before you go to college,” Groner says. “I chose computer science because I liked computers. That was the only reason.”

Groner was 10 years old when she got her first computer. But with no access to the internet, she used the computer to play games and to install trial versions of software that came on discs in magazines. Then she took a course in Windows and DOS. “Software was kind of like magic,” she says.

That started to change in college. Her first class was an introduction to algorithms. Her professor explained algorithms using the preparation of potatoes as an analog. “I remember this as if it were today,” Groner says. “He explained the whole process—get the potatoes from the refrigerator, wash them, don’t peel them, boil them, and all that.”

At first, Groner had some issues understanding the programming logic. “But I’m a little bit stubborn,” she says. “Whenever I try to do something and I’m not able to do it, I will try until I’m able to do it. So I studied a lot after school.”

Her introduction to Java came through a study group organized with the help of one of her professors. For six months, Groner and the others in the study group focused on Java basics.


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At that time, Groner lived in Vitoria, a small town in Brazil, where she became part of the local Java community. “I thought that was really cool, and it was also my first contact with a community beyond my college colleagues.”

While still at university, Groner got her first job in 2006 and stayed for two years, an experience she describes as her first contact with the real world of programming. “I didn’t know about version control. I didn’t know how to do a SQL query or even a SELECT from the database.”

Her first assignment at that job was to develop a simple Java application. “It read XML files from the FTP, parsed the XML, and saved the data to the database.”

Her second full-time job allowed her to expand her skill set to include JavaScript and front-end development, all while still attending university. Upon graduating from university, Groner was offered a job at IBM in São Paolo, where her work with JavaScript expanded.

After two years with IBM, Groner joined Citibank in 2011 as a senior developer analyst. In 2015, she became a vice president business analyst, still active in development. Now in her seventh year with Citibank, Groner moved to Florida early in 2018.

Throughout her career, Groner has been actively involved in sharing her expertise, earning her status as an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador through a variety of activities.

Since 2012, she has written eight books for Packt Publishing. The latest, Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms, Third Edition, was published in April 2018.

In addition to writing her books, Groner is a prolific technical blogger, writing in English and her native Portuguese. She also produces an extensive series of tutorial videos on YouTube, which are focused on Java, JavaScript, Angular, Cordova, and other technologies, all in Portuguese.

Groner also regularly speaks at a wide variety of industry events, including QCon, DevFest, Oracle Code São Paolo, and Oracle Code One.

So although Groner didn’t know what to expect when she showed up for that first computer science class, she has packed an incredible level of experience into a decade of coding, which should give you a very good idea of what to expect from her.

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Photography by Jock Fistick/Studio at Getty Images for Oracle Magazine