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FireEye and Oracle Bring FireEye Email Security to Oracle Cloud

FireEye Email Security has achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud status and is now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

An Interview with Ken Bagnall, Vice President of Email Security, FireEye

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Email is one of the most prevalent and successful attack vectors today. In fact, about 46% of all ransomware attacks originate from email, and those attacks cost businesses an average of $133,000 in corporate losses.1

Email security is especially challenging because cybercriminals constantly evolve their tactics. Organizations that hope to protect themselves need an agile and innovative email security service, one that comprehensively protects them from all variations of email-borne attacks.

FireEye offers a single platform that blends innovative security technologies, nation-state grade threat intelligence, and consulting to eliminate the complexity of cybersecurity for organizations struggling to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyberattacks.

Ken Bagnall, Vice President of Email Security, FireEye

Ken Bagnall, Vice President of Email Security, FireEye

In April, FireEye announced that FireEye Email Security had achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud status and is now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The expanded partnership between FireEye and Oracle will provide organizations that deploy FireEye’s email security capabilities utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) better email security while facilitating their journey to the cloud.

Q: Tell us a little about the history of FireEye.

A: Ashar Aziz founded FireEye in Silicon Valley in 2004 to solve one problem—to detect the attacks that bypassed traditional security tools. To solve this problem, he created the industry’s first virtualization-based detection and analysis engine, known as MVX technology. That same year, across the country in Washington, D.C., Kevin Mandia founded Mandiant, with the mission of responding to the most significant breaches in the world. After FireEye went public in 2013, the two companies came together and combined the insights they had learned from responding to the most advanced adversaries with the best detection technology available, making each offering better. This is what we call the FireEye innovation cycle. Today, FireEye offers comprehensive security solutions for email, networks, and endpoints, as well as full security and incident response capabilities and threat intelligence solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide.

Q: What are the primary email security challenges faced by businesses today?

A: There are three primary problem areas: zero-day viruses in attachments, phishing attacks, and impersonation attacks. FireEye is the leader when it comes to detection in all three of those areas.

Threats are also constantly evolving, so we are always tracking changes in the email threat landscape. For example, the use of URL-based phishing attacks has increased significantly since mid-2017. The use of impersonation attacks has been accelerating as well. We invest in research in those areas to make sure we stay ahead of the curve and detect those threats before anybody else does.

Q: What makes FireEye Email Security so effective?

A: FireEye is on the front lines of cyberattacks every day, with more than two decades of experience and more than 700 highly experienced threat researchers, platform engineers, malware analysts, intelligence analysts, and investigators. We know that, for a variety of reasons, there will always be a security gap that can be exploited. We also know that defending against cyberattacks is becoming increasingly difficult. The bad guys are highly sophisticated, well-funded, well organized, and highly incentivized. Their tactics, techniques, and procedures are constantly evolving, and they’re more persistent than ever.

FireEye Email Security is designed to rapidly detect email-based cyberattacks and block some of the most dangerous email threats facing businesses today— things such as malware-laden attachments and malicious URLs, credential phishing, and impersonation attacks. Our realtime knowledge of the threat landscape ensures that FireEye products and services directly address today’s threat actors and the techniques they employ. Our frontline expertise guides us as we design and build our products; analyze and produce our threat intelligence; and prepare for, respond to, and remediate breaches. We can help organizations level the playing field. It’s our mission to relentlessly protect our customers from the impact and consequences of cyberattacks.

Q: How does Oracle make FireEye better? How does FireEye make Oracle better?

Marketplace is great for us, and partnering with a security leader is beneficial to Oracle. In addition, Oracle’s aggressive global OCI rollout plan matches our own ambitions.”–Ken Bagnall, Vice President of Email Security, FireEye

A: For Oracle, partnering with a leader in security and detecting cyberthreats is beneficial. FireEye is the only security vendor providing nation-state grade cyberthreat intelligence that Oracle uses to make its products more effective. When FireEye is deployed behind other solutions, we continuously detect what the other solutions miss. On average, when FireEye Email Security is inline behind another vendor, we detect 14,000 advanced attacks per month that would have otherwise reached their target.

For FireEye, Oracle delivers the bare metal cloud infrastructure we need, which is incredibly important to us because of the virtualization of our products. Those bare metal cloud services are hard to come by. We also have a complementary customer base, which is crucial for both companies. Our enterprise and government customers are very security conscious. Also, appearing in Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a benefit for us.

Q: How do Oracle customers benefit from having FireEye Email Security available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

A: On Oracle Cloud Marketplace, it is easy to acquire, provision, and deploy FireEye Email Security. Enterprise-size scaling of FireEye Email Security is very fast for organizations of any size when they use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers embarking on a cloud strategy need to combine this with a serious security strategy, and when it comes to detecting targeted and advanced threats, FireEye is the market leader.

In addition, customers can go to the Jump Start portal within Oracle Cloud Marketplace to find out more about FireEye Email Security and take the solution for a test drive. The availability of FireEye products in Oracle Cloud Marketplace is great for us, and partnering with a security leader is beneficial to Oracle. In addition, Oracle’s aggressive global OCI rollout plan matches our own ambitions.

Q: How does FireEye on OCI help Oracle customers navigate the email threat landscape?

A: Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows us to scale quickly and to ensure that we have excess capacity to manage any peaks in traffic. Email attack campaigns by their nature are controlled by the adversary and can scale in volume and composition. Customers who deploy FireEye’s Email Security capabilities utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can more rapidly respond to changes in the email threat landscape.

FireEye has intelligence that nobody else has, and we have it first because of the strength of our incident response and consulting capabilities. We get that information into our products as quickly as possible. If a business needs to detect threats that others miss, FireEye is the only option.

Q: How are FireEye and Oracle working together to improve customer security in the future?

A: We will continue to constantly analyze email data to identify new trends and to improve the solutions that protect our customers. Together we hope to continue to grow our global footprint in security and to scale to our growing customer base to meet our customers’ needs. OCI will help us scale at the pace we need and want.

To learn more, watch the Impersonation Attacks – The New Email-Based Threats webinar and read the FireEye report, “Changes in Email Attack Tactics.

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1 FireEye, “Changes in Email Attack Tactics.”

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