Finding Help

Peers get career boosts from the cloud, My Oracle Support, and Oracle University.

By Blair Campbell

July/August 2013


Cameron Lackpour

Which new features of Oracle Applications are you currently finding most valuable? For migrating artifacts between EPM applications, servers, and environments, I’ve become a tremendous fan of the Lifecycle Management feature of the Oracle Hyperion enterprise performance management [EPM] system.

Peer Specs

Company: CL Solve, an enterprise performance management consulting company

Job title/description: President and consultant, handling all company operations
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Length of time using Oracle products: 19 years
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE Director

How are you using cloud computing in your work? I think I might be the poster child for cloud computing. It allows a company like mine to get access to large chunks of computing power without a large outlay, expertise, or space. It’s been an absolute lifesaver for development, new-release testing, and education.

Any particular cloud-related projects you’d like to mention? Oracle ACE John Booth and I conceived the idea of the user group ODTUG running the labs and training sessions it holds at every Kscope conference in the cloud. Each student can be in control of his or her own virtual server, and from ODTUG’s perspective, the servers come up for a very short amount of time, get used, and then all get destroyed just in time for the next lab. It was my idea to go to the cloud, but the hard technical and infrastructure work was all John’s.


Diego Aguirre

What’s your favorite technique on the job? Investigating problems in the servers running Oracle Solaris and then documenting how I’ve solved them, step by step, in my blog, Apuntes de Solaris [Solaris Notes, at]. I do this to try to help the sys admin community—and to help myself, because I have a bad memory.

Peer Specs

Company: Telecom Argentina S.A., a telecommunications company

Job title/description: Senior technical support specialist, responsible for administration and configuration of Oracle Solaris platforms
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Length of time using Oracle products: More than 10 years
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

What technology has most changed your life? The newer releases of Oracle Solaris have had a big impact—for example, Oracle Solaris 10 and its Oracle Solaris Containers feature [Oracle Solaris Zones as of Oracle Solaris 11]. These new releases brought radical changes—including the creation of zones; the new Service Management Facility, which left inetd [the Internet Services Daemon] behind; and the new way of patching using zones.

You’ve taken Oracle University [OU] classes in the past. What led you to do this? I started my IT career in 1992, when I got a job performing OS tasks in a factory. I eventually became a UNIX administrator and began to take OU courses focused on Oracle’s Sun solutions. Since then I’ve taken nearly a dozen courses. These courses have helped tremendously to upgrade my skills.


Michael Abbey

Which features in Oracle Database are you currently finding most valuable? I really appreciate the enhancements and new capabilities of Oracle Recovery Manager, especially in areas tailored to backing up massive amounts of data. Native compression arrived in Oracle Database 10g, and new enhancements to speed up backups and recovery exercises emerge with every new release of the database.

Peer Specs

Company: Pythian, a data and data infrastructure management consulting firm

Job title/description: Oracle team lead, participating in the management of service delivery for clients and intervening in technical triage as required
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Length of time using Oracle products: 26 years
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

What advice do you have about how to get into database administration? Start with the basics, and ensure that you have access to a suite of virtual machines to leverage your newfound skills as you acquire them. Don’t study technical documentation without trying things out as you go—and do not believe everything you read as a result of your search engine hits.

What’s your go-to Oracle reference? My Oracle Support is where I spend all my time—once one hones the skills required to work effectively with this organization, its assistance is second to none. There’s nothing like an Oracle Support team armed with the latest information and with such a massive knowledgebase at their fingertips.