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Oracle Magazine sat down with Todd Bottger, director of product management, to learn more about Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service.

By Jeff Erickson and John Soat

November/December 2016

Oracle Magazine: What is Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service?

Bottger: It is a new cloud service for small and medium-size databases that runs Oracle’s latest release, Oracle Database 12c Release 2.

The Exadata Express experience is a little slice of cloud database heaven. The new cloud service features Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, runs directly on Oracle Exadata, is fully managed by Oracle, and is provisioned in minutes. It delivers Oracle data management power combined with extreme ease of use and fast time to value. For customers who are considering Oracle Database Cloud services, Exadata Express is an ideal on-ramp.

Oracle Magazine: How does Exadata Express support application development?

Bottger: It supports Oracle Net [SQL*Net] connections to a full ecosystem of database client drivers, tools, and IDEs [integrated development environments]. Developers get SQL, REST, JSON, and document interfaces, along with support for popular frameworks and programming languages, including Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and Python. And they can develop apps with no-cost Oracle IDEs, including Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, and Oracle JDeveloper.

Oracle Magazine: Which kind of workloads and businesses is Exadata Express built for?

Bottger: Exadata Express is the best entry-level cloud database for midsize businesses. It’s also great for departmental apps, for development and testing, and for evaluating Oracle Database 12c Release 2.

Oracle Magazine: Configurations and pricing for cloud services aren’t always simple. What are the current configurations and prices for Exadata Express today?

Bottger: There are three configurations, and the key difference between each one is database storage. The starter configuration includes 20 GB of storage, the next level includes 50 GB of storage, and the top configuration includes 50 GB of storage and the use of the Oracle Database In-Memory column store.

And unlike some cloud service offerings, support is included in the price of each Exadata Express configuration. There’s no pricing calculator. We delivered something that doesn’t require it.

Running Oracle Database 12c Release 2, our newest and most powerful database release ever, Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service is an unsurpassed entry-level cloud database. And it’s available for less than what you would pay other cloud vendors, starting at US$175 per month.

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