Community Bulletin

Open, Soar, and Snake

Explore happenings in Oracle Technology Network.

By Stephen Chin

March/April 2017


Soaring Through the Integration

A team of Oracle ACE Directors accepted a challenge to combine as many Oracle platform-as-a-service (PaaS) products as they could to create a fully functional solution—and do it during a live demo at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum in Valencia, Spain, in March 2016. This offers up the technical details of that solution.

New Group, New Architecture

What started as a conversation at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 became the Open Modern Enterprise Software Architecture (OMESA) group. In this podcast, OMESA members discuss lasagna architecture, why being a service-oriented architecture (SOA) architect isn’t enough, JavaScript as a first-class citizen among languages, and why you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Python for PL/SQL Developers

The Python language is worth learning, but who has the time to learn a new language from scratch? In his tutorial series “Learning Python for PL/SQL Developers,” Oracle ACE Director Arup Nanda presents a quick way to learn Python—by comparing and contrasting it to PL/SQL. Each article offers a summary of important points and a short quiz to test your understanding. The quizzes are also available to download as PDF documents. Each article also includes a video with a detailed walkthrough of the concepts presented.

Open Source Gets Behind Java 9

According to Robert Scholte, chairman of the Apache Maven project, one of the key drivers for Java release adoption is getting build tools and IDEs upgraded to work with the latest release. Scholte has been working to upgrade Maven for the past year and deliver an official release that can be used to test against Java 9. Learn more in his video interview from the Devoxx conference.

Top 10 Tech Tips

2 Minute Tech Tips are short videos in which Oracle Technology Network community members offer up bite-size nuggets of technical insight on a wide variety of topics and technologies. During 2016, more eyeballs spent more time glued to these 10 tech tips. Meet the 2016 tech tip champions.