Community Bulletin

Watch, Speak, and Fly

Explore happenings in Oracle Technology Network.

By Roland Smart

November/December 2016

OTN Community Cast LIVE

Oracle OpenWorld is always a great event, and the 2016 conference was extraordinary. The Oracle Technology Network team hosted activities at the Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne venues and met with attendees, Oracle ACEs, Java Champions, and Oracle’s own technology experts. Both locations hosted and recorded OTN Community Cast LIVE interviews, so if you missed the conference or want to watch an interview again, watch the interviews on demand.


Your Developer Gateway

Oracle Technology Network continues its commitment to delivering a broad array of technical content and product downloads by joining forces with the new Oracle Developer Gateway. With this new site, Oracle developers can now get application development tools, connectors, downloads, free trials, links to tutorials, script libraries, virtual machines, community hubs and forums, and projects from a single location. Whether building applications or platform solutions for the cloud or on premises, developers can find useful tools and information at


Fly into the Cloud

Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema kicks off an eight-part article series called Soaring Through the Clouds with an introductory article on how to integrate 10 different Oracle platform-as-a-service (PaaS) services. Subsequent articles provide details and information on how to use Oracle PaaS services and SOA, Internet of Things, mobile, Node.js, and scripting technologies to deliver that Oracle PaaS integration. The article series is written by a group of Oracle ACE Directors and based on a live session and demo. Explore the article and article series.

Nominate and Speak

If you have ever downloaded software from Oracle, you have an account on As an account holder and member of this community, you can also join product discussions, read about updates and partner opportunities, make community suggestions, and search for event speakers. Make community suggestions for feature additions and updates to Oracle Database at the Database Ideas forum. Visit the Oracle Speaker Bureau to browse a list of speakers by expertise, geographic location, and languages spoken for qualified individuals who can speak authoritatively about Oracle technologies. You can locate a speaker to participate in your upcoming event or nominate new speakers.

Script, Learn, and Share

One of the most popular community tools for SQL developers and database administrators is Oracle Live SQL, a site for testing and sharing SQL and PL/SQL application development concepts. This comprehensive site is a great way to build your SQL knowledge and pick up expert tips. The site includes browser-based SQL worksheet access to an Oracle Database schema, a schema browser to view and extend database objects, and the ability to save and share SQL scripts. The site also includes resources such as interactive educational tutorials and customized data access examples for PL/SQL, Java, PHP, and C. Oracle Live SQL is accessible using your Oracle Technology Network sign-on credentials. Try it today.