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Oracle ACE program sponsors independent thinkers and benefits from independent leaders.

By Mike Riley Oracle ACE logo

March/April 2011

For several years now, Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) and its flagship conference, Kaleidoscope (now rebranded Kscope), have hosted one of the Oracle ACE program’s biannual meetings. Let’s take a closer look at the Oracle ACE program and the relationship between the program and ODTUG. 

What Is the Oracle ACE Program?

The Oracle ACE program recognizes individuals for their strong and independent credentials in the Oracle community. There are two levels within the Oracle ACE program: Oracle ACE and Oracle ACE Director. Oracle ACEs are recognized for past contributions to the Oracle technology or applications communities. Oracle ACE Directors are recognized for more: in addition to qualifying as an Oracle ACE, Oracle ACE Directors must be sponsored by either a current Oracle ACE Director or an Oracle employee. They “commit to future participation in an ongoing dialogue between Oracle and the people who use Oracle technology or applications in the real world” (from the Oracle ACE Program FAQ page). Currently, there are just over 300 individuals worldwide who hold one of these two ACE designations—Oracle ACE or Oracle ACE Director. Approximately one third are designated as Oracle ACE Directors. 

Oracle ACE Directors attend detailed briefings at least twice a year with Oracle product managers. However, this is not a one-way street, because Oracle interacts with Oracle ACE Directors and seeks their input on future product direction and ideas. Oracle ACE Directors are an extremely knowledgeable bunch, and as such are critical members of the Oracle ecosystem. In addition, Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors are often book authors; frequent contributors to the Oracle Technology Network forums; active bloggers; and perhaps most importantly, presenters at conferences worldwide. They are also independent and are encouraged to speak their minds about the topics discussed, regardless of whether they are in agreement with Oracle’s view.

Oracle is to be commended for creating the Oracle ACE program. Not many organizations are strong enough to sponsor a group of opinionated individuals and allow them the freedom to speak openly and without fear of recrimination. Oracle Technology Network is responsible for this program, and the leaders of this group—Lillian Buziak, Justin Kestelyn, and Vikki Lira—should be saluted for running a first-class operation. They are always looking for opportunities to engage the community and utilize the talents of Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors in innovative ways. 

Why Oracle ACEs, Oracle ACE Directors, and ODTUG?

For years now, the ODTUG conference has been known primarily for the quality of its content, and a significant part of that content has been delivered by many Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors. ODTUG’s content is highly technical in nature, and many leading-edge presentations are a part of the annual conference. Who better to deliver these presentations than the Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors? 

In keeping with Kscope’s intimate atmosphere, versatility, and welcoming nature, Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors help create a sense of community at the conference. Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors have won several of ODTUG’s prestigious awards, including Best Presentation, Best Content, Volunteer of the Year, and the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Paper. Steven Feuerstein, an Oracle ACE Director specializing in database application development, was awarded a lifetime achievement award in 2009 for his contributions to the ODTUG community. Oracle ACE Director Edward Roske was recently named the Kscope11 conference chair.

ODTUG values the contributions of the Oracle ACE program to the user community. We work hand in hand with the leaders of this program to bring more value to Kscope conference attendees every year. At Kaleidoscope 2010, ODTUG awarded its Oracle Contributor of the Year award to both Lillian Buziak and Vikki Lira in appreciation of their contributions to the ODTUG community. We look forward to working with them on the Oracle ACE program’s contribution to Kscope11 to help make it the best conference experience yet.

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