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DBAs: Get Ready

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is coming. What are you going to do?

By Tom Haunert

January/February 2018

Oracle announced Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud at Oracle OpenWorld 2017. (See the links in Next Steps for information and a video on the news.) Oracle also calls the autonomous database the “self-driving database.”

But DBAs—the engineers, builders, operators, and maintainers of databases—have been “driving” databases for many years. What happens to the DBA’s driver role in a self-driving world?

That’s way too big a question to answer in one editorial, so Oracle Magazine is going to answer that question in bits and pieces over the course of 2018. The first part of the answer is easy, so let’s start there. Waiting until you’re responsible for the data and operations of a self-provisioning, self-patching, self-tuning database to learn more about that technology platform is not recommended.

I spoke with Maria Colgan, master product manager for Oracle Database, about the role of the DBA as keeper of a self-driving database. She gave me a lot of great information on what’s next for both administrators and Oracle’s next-generation database, and I’m working on an interview with her for the next issue. Meantime, here are a few bits of advice from Colgan:

  • Learn about the latest database features. Start with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 features.
  • Understand the features and capabilities included with the latest Oracle Database Cloud service offerings.
  • Consider what eliminating “generic database tasks”—such as provisioning, updating, patching, and backing up your databases—means to your processes and productivity.
  • Prepare to work more closely with your company’s business and developer teams to ensure the best use of your database for the company’s application and business goals.

And for those DBAs sticking with current on-premises databases, Colgan also suggests focusing on security at every level—because that will continue to be a priority for DBAs not using Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud. (Updating and patching are not autonomous in on-premises database installations.)

Next Steps

LEARN more about the self-driving database.

WATCH Oracle Autonomous Database: The Role of the DBA.

TRY Oracle Database Cloud services.

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