Database Centric

Three peers keep it simple, like surprises, and find the constant in a sea of change.

By Blair Campbell

May/June 2011

Liron Amitzi Headshot
Liron Amitzi
Peer Specs

Company: Brillix, a database consulting company

Job title/description: Vice president, professional services, responsible for all consulting projects and serving as senior Oracle Database consultant specializing in infrastructure and performance

Location: Givat Shmuel, Israel

Length of time using Oracle products: 12 years

Oracle ACE Oracle ACE
What’s your favorite tool or technique on the job? Definitely tuning. I sometimes find tuning is like an art. The challenge of analyzing a complex query or strange system behavior requires creativity, an open mind, and broad knowledge in many fields such as system administration, storage, and development.

Which new feature in Oracle Database are you currently finding most valuable? Oracle Database 11g delivers many interesting features, including Oracle Real Application Testing. This feature gives us the ability to test things thoroughly and perform an upgrade or make a change in the production environment without the apprehension we had before.

What would you like to see Oracle, as a company, do more of? Making applications more user friendly and simple is very important in our world of complex systems. Oracle Database 10g marked great improvement in this area, providing database control and sophisticated autotuning and management capabilities. This trend continued in Oracle Database 11g Releases 1 and 2, and I hope we’ll see more of this in the future.

Toon Koppelaars Headshot
Toon Koppelaars
Peer Specs

Company: RuleGen, a database consulting and tools company

Job title/description: Founder/owner, serving as technical architect and lead developer of the RuleGen framework, which aids in implementing data integrity constraints inside Oracle Database

Location: Zaltbommel, the Netherlands

Length of time using Oracle products: 24 years

Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director
What’s your favorite tool or technique on the job? I’m still a sucker for the command-line SQL*Plus utility—although I’m also adopting Oracle SQL Developer more and more nowadays. Both tools offer convenient direct access to the two most important APIs of the database: SQL and PL/SQL.

What advice do you have about how to get into database development? My advice would be to start at the bottom: learn the database first and foremost. Oracle Database 11g has an enormous wealth of functionality. More often than not, you can implement application functionality inside the database, where it will require fewer lines of code—and will perform an order of magnitude better—than in any other tier stacked on top of the database.

What technology has most changed your life? That would have to be Oracle Database, since I’ve been surfing its wave for the past 24 years now. I recall Larry Ellison’s catchphrase at an Oracle OpenWorld a decade or so ago: “Change is the only constant.” As true as that is, Oracle Database has been my only constant in trying to survive all the other changes and paradigm shifts in the industry.

Fernando Martin Garcia Headshot
Fernando Martin Garcia
Peer Specs

Company: Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, a private university

Job title/description: Independent Oracle Database instructor and senior Oracle DBA, leading a team of DBAs and system administrators in installing, supporting, and maintaining university servers and databases

Location: Berazategui, Argentina

Length of time using Oracle products: 15 years
How did you get started with Oracle technology? My first contact with an Oracle database was through SQL*Loader in 1995. I was part of a migration team at Telefónica de Argentina that was converting gigabytes of COBOL files into Oracle tables. I’ve never left Oracle since. I’m very curious about how things work, and each and every day the Oracle Database internals surprise me with something new. That’s why I love this technology.

Which new feature in Oracle Database are you currently finding most valuable? Flashback Data Archive. With this feature, you no longer need to build the intelligence to maintain historical data in your application. Oracle Database does it for you, and it’s really simple to query your historical information using the AS OF clause.

How are you using social media in your work? I’m the founder of Comunidad Oracle Hispana, a community for Latin American and Spanish professionals who work with Oracle technologies and speak Spanish. The community has more than 2,000 members, and it’s an excellent tool not only for solving problems but also for making good friends.

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