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Congratulations and Thanks

2012 Oracle Excellence Awards deliver honors at Oracle OpenWorld.

By Tom Haunert

January/February 2013

n October 2, 2012, I presented trophies for the Oracle Excellence Award for Technologist of the Year at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, California. I asked Oracle Architect Tom Kyte to join me and present the trophies for the new Oracle Excellence Award for Database Administrator of the Year program.

Oracle Excellence Awards for 10 other awards categories had already been presented during the first few days of Oracle OpenWorld, and the October 2 presentation also served as an award reception for winners in all 12 Oracle Excellence Awards programs for 2012.

After Jeb Dasteel, senior vice president and chief customer officer at Oracle, opened the reception, I read a few words of my own leading into the Technologist of the Year trophy presentations:

On behalf of Tom Kyte, Oracle architect, and myself, thank you all for being here.

In 2002, Oracle Magazine started an awards program called the Oracle Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards, and this originally included the CIO of the Year and Database Administrator of the Year awards. Oracle Global Customer Programs soon took on the CIO of the Year awards and started the Oracle Excellence Awards program, and last year the Editors’ Choice Awards became the Oracle Excellence Awards for Technologist of the Year.

Oracle Magazine has featured Editors’ Choice Award winners, CIO of the Year award winners, and now Technologist of the Year award winners in its pages since 2002. Some of the best content in the magazine has been about how award winners through the years have used and succeeded with Oracle solutions, so thank you to all winners past and present for your great stories. And, finally, to this year’s winners, thanks in advance for sharing your stories with the Oracle community.

The Issue at Hand

This issue of Oracle Magazine presents and celebrates the winners in all of the 2012 Oracle Excellence Awards programs, including the Oracle Excellence Awards for CIO of the Year, Technologist of the Year, and Database Administrator of the Year.

Managing nominations, judging, trophy design and delivery, events, publicity, and more across 12 awards programs is no small collection of responsibilities. Oracle Global Customer Programs oversees the 12 Oracle Excellence Awards programs, coordinates many of these activities, and deserves much congratulations and thanks for all of its efforts. The judging processes vary across the different awards categories, but several programs—including Technologist of the Year—use Oracle user group leaders as judges. Thanks to these community leaders for volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks also to the nominators, designers, and everyone else who worked behind the scenes.

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Finally, on behalf of Oracle Magazine, congratulations and thanks to all of the Oracle Excellence Awards winners.

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