New Normal

Cloud, IoT, and the DBA

Cloud-enabled IoT is a growing force in enterprise business strategies. That’s a big opportunity for DBAs.

With Jeff Erickson

September/October 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about a lot more than connecting toasters to the internet. For the enterprise, it’s about drawing information out of business operations and equipment to uncover more-efficient ways to do work. DBAs will be in the middle of the information tsunami, making data flow from sensors and devices to Oracle Cloud services for IoT management, analytics, and more.

Oracle Magazine spoke to attendees at Kscope17, the annual meeting of ODTUG, about the intersection of the cloud, the IoT, and the DBA and database developer.

Jerry Ward
Database Developer at Viscosity

“Being able to coalesce streaming data, process code for streams, eliminate hot spots on specific databases, and federate it all out through the cloud worldwide—these tasks are all in the realm of the DBA now. I think it’s more exciting than ever for the DBA.”

Jon Dixon
Oracle Tech Lead at JMJ Cloud

“Oracle Exadata Cloud Service has a fantastic tool in ORDS [Oracle REST Data Services] that exposes REST services, which are what Alexa needs to execute. Because DBAs have ORDS and REST knowledge, it’s a relatively easy process for them to learn the integration.”

Christian Screen
Global Analytics Practice Director at Datavail

“The [IoT hands-on session at Kscope17] had Arduino boards sending info up to Oracle IoT Cloud Service and then back down to get responses from peripherals. This hands-on work relates to what we do. Analytics and data and IoT are all coming together.”

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