New Normal

Cloud, Emerging Tech, and the Expert

Emerging technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and machine learning require DBAs and database developers who understand a company’s data.

With Jeff Erickson

November/December 2017

Even as new autonomous database services take up tasks including tuning, patching, and backing up data, new technologies are emerging that scream for in-house data experts to guide the business in tackling them.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Oracle Magazine spoke to attendees about how DBAs and database developers have always reacted when database tasks are automated and how that ethic will continue to make them indispensable as companies reach for emerging tech.

Ross Smith
Chief Architect at Pitss America

“Our job as data experts is to help the company express what our legacy applications do in new forward-looking technologies. Talk to your applications teams and show them alternatives like NoSQL and new cloud services.”

Francis Mignault
CTO at Insum Solutions

“The DBA job has evolved to take on other things. And that’s good, because DBAs can now focus on what the business is trying to do and what it needs.”

Martin D’Souza
Oracle ACE Director

“Go learn about cloud and all the technologies around it. If you understand as a DBA how the data is stored, how it’s indexed, and where it lives, you can help identify cloud services that can solve a business problem [cheaply].”

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