New Normal

Cloud and the User Group

IOUG members go beyond presentations to deliver experience at COLLABORATE 17.

By Jeff Erickson

July/August 2017

People join Oracle user groups and attend conferences to stay on top of the technology that runs their businesses. At Collaborate 17, members of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG) led the “Cloud Experience” all-day session. Attendees brought their own laptops and signed in to Oracle Cloud trial accounts, and then fellow user group members guided them through using Oracle Cloud services to set up OS secure authentication, create storage containers, and back up data to Oracle Cloud and recover it to on-premises servers. Participants also learned new ways to leverage cloud-based infrastructure and monitor both infrastructure and user experience.

Oracle Magazine spoke to three Cloud Experience session leaders about their hands-on experience with Oracle Cloud services and what they learned.

Tariq Farooq

Oracle ACE Director

“In less than 30 minutes we spun up an entire cloud service instance. It’s nothing short of a revolution. It’s point, click, click, you provision services, and it’s ready to go. That process used to take weeks or months.”

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Erik Benner

Oracle ACE Director

“Oracle PaaS [platform as a service] provides different components. As an application developer, you can combine them to make a complete application and rapidly deploy it to your users.”

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Kai Yu

Oracle ACE Director

“Previously, developers starting a project had to prepare hardware and software and get it all to work together. With [Oracle Cloud] PaaS you have the toolbox as well as the environment, so you can focus on new ideas.”

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Photography by Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash