Close Encounters

Three peers extol the virtues of in-person classes and conferences.

By Blair Campbell

July/August 2014


Dominic Delmolino

What’s your favorite technique on the job? It’s deconstructing data processing routines, whether in PL/SQL or SQL, and refactoring them into simpler, more efficient workflows.

Peer Specs

Company: Agilex Technologies, a technology solution provider serving the national security, healthcare, and public sectors

Job title/description: Vice president of data architecture and engineering, responsible for reviewing and supporting Agilex projects at customer locations
Location: Chantilly, Virginia
Oracle credentials: Oracle Exadata Certified Implementation Specialist, with 24 years of experience using Oracle products
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

Which new features in Oracle Database are you currently finding most valuable? I always like to see what’s being added to SQL, and how it can be used to solve harder and harder problems. Analytic functions and recursive SQL are particularly valuable. And obviously the new container database architecture in Oracle Database 12c will be very useful—both from a security and self-service perspective.

What’s been your favorite Oracle technology conference experience? I could name any ODTUG event—they’re all great. I think it’s important for DBAs and developers to talk to each other, and ODTUG really tries to facilitate that. I also enjoy networking with colleagues through a local Meetup group that I chair called Agile Data Experts DC. It’s a monthly gathering of Washington DC data management professionals where we talk about tips, tools, and techniques for agile data management.

Peer Specs

Company: Self-employed

Job title/description: Independent Oracle consultant, responsible for database upgrade and migration, database and application tuning, incident resolution, and design and configuration of high-availability solutions
Location: Lima, Peru
Oracle credentials: Oracle Certified Professional DBA (on several releases including Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g), with 19 years of experience using Oracle products
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

Enrique Orbegozo

What role has Oracle University [OU] played in your career? In 1996 one of my first employers sent me from Peru to Orlando, Florida, to take an Oracle7 performance tuning workshop, and I learned a lot. After that I took the complete set of courses for Oracle8 to gain my first Oracle Certified Professional credential. Ten years later I became an OU instructor, which allowed me to share my knowledge and experience with a new generation of DBAs.

What advice do you have about getting into database development? It’s a fact of life that things won’t always work as expected or documented, so take notes on what you do to solve any problems you encounter and publish those notes on your blog. This will help you to remember those solutions, and it will help others who are experiencing the same or similar problems.

What green practices do you use in your DBA work? I try to work remotely when possible. I also recommend server consolidation, replacing older energy-hungry servers with fewer less-energy-demanding ones.


Osama Mustafa Hussein

What’s your favorite Oracle technology or solution area? Oracle Fusion Middleware—because it includes Oracle technologies that can help any company build end-to-end solutions. I like that it is a fully integrated family of products that can be delivered into different layers, with each layer offering a different experience. Whether you’re focused on integration, automating processes, security, or compliance, Oracle Fusion Middleware has something for everyone.

Peer Specs

Company: Gurus Solutions, a software solution provider

Job title/description: Senior Oracle DBA, responsible for database performance, integrity, security, and backup and recovery
Location: Amman, Jordan
Oracle credentials: Oracle Certified Professional (Oracle Forms Developer, Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator, Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Database 11g) and Oracle Linux Implementation Specialist, with more than 7 years of experience using Oracle products
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

What’s your go-to Oracle reference book? I have lots of Oracle books and most of them are great. I’d have to say Expert Oracle RAC 12c by Syed Jaffar Hussain, Tariq Farooq, Riyaj Shamsudeen, and Kai Yu, and Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c by Kellyn Pot’Vin and several coauthors [both Apress, 2013].

What’s been your favorite Oracle technology conference experience? It was this past December at Tech13, the UKOUG [UK Oracle User Group] conference. I finally got to meet many of my online friends and colleagues in person, and we had an amazing time.