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Ask, Recognize, and Channel

Explore happenings in Oracle Technology Network.

By Stephen Chin

September/October 2017


The new Oracle Developer Champion program recognizes modern expert developers who blog, write articles, and present on topics including containers, microservices, SQL, NoSQL, open source technologies, machine learning, and chatbots. Learn more about Oracle advocacy programs and follow the Oracle Developer Champions on the Oracle Developers Blog.

Channel Your Information

Watch the Java Channel on YouTube to stay informed on hot tech topics. In this presentation, Nashorn tech lead Jim Laskey describes the trials and tribulations of integrating V8 JavaScript as a sister javax.script to Nashorn.

Any Questions?

Oracle sponsors Developer Legend AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on Reddit with developers worldwide discussing the latest tech trends and sharing industry knowledge. Check out this session with microservices tech guru Chris Richardson, creator of the original Cloud Foundry, author of POJOs in Action, and keynote speaker for Oracle Code New York.

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