All for One

From sketching out a solution to cheering on a team, groups can motivate and inspire.

By Blair Campbell

March/April 2014


Lakshmi Sampath

What’s your favorite tool on the job? The Form Personalization feature in Oracle E-Business Suite 12. You can do so much with personalization—including moving it across instances through FNDLOAD—and, unlike customized applications, Oracle solutions support it.

Peer Specs

Company: Dell Inc., a multinational IT corporation

Job title/description: Oracle E-Business Suite architect/strategist for corporate IT, responsible for architecture, business analysis, technology evaluation and direction, implementations, and application support
Location: Austin, Texas
Length of time using Oracle products: More than 15 years
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

Which Oracle solutions are you currently finding most valuable? Oracle Fusion Middleware really gives IT a significant time-to-solution advantage, thanks to its modularity and its ability to work across heterogeneous environments. One component of Oracle Fusion Middleware that we use extensively for all our application integrations is Oracle SOA Suite. In particular, doing SOA integrations using Oracle Service Bus has made our lives much simpler.

What’s been your favorite Oracle technology conference experience? COLLABORATE 12, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I was honored with the Member of the Year award by the Oracle Applications Users Group. The conference was an awesome experience—great content, excellent networking, and lots of knowledge sharing.

Peer Specs

Company: Portrix Systems, an Oracle partner and provider of managed services and consulting

Job title/description: Founder and managing director, responsible for collaborating with independent software vendors and managing a team that implements and operates infrastructure stacks
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Oracle credentials: Oracle Certified Professional (Oracle Database 10g), Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3 Certified Implementation Specialist, Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Certified Implementation Specialist, and Sun Flash Storage Certified Implementation Specialist, with 10 years of experience using Oracle products
Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director

Bjoern Rost

How did you get started in IT? As a teenager, some friends and I founded a club that organized LAN parties—mostly for the kick of getting to play with networking and Linux server technologies. That fascination with technology stuck, and I ended up with a job that allows me to continue playing with the latest technologies.

You’ve taken Oracle University [OU] classes in the past. What led you to do this? I wanted to learn in a structured manner and also get away from daily business to focus my thoughts on learning. I flew to New York and San Francisco for my OU classroom training, which allowed me to both enjoy classes in English and see some amazing places.

What’s been your favorite Oracle technology conference experience? Being there at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 in San Francisco, which coincided with the final races of the America’s Cup—and the greatest turnaround in sports history.


Ahmed Aboulnaga

What’s your favorite tool on the job? The whiteboard. Nothing beats sketching out a design, spending hours defending the technical merits of your solution, and watching your colleagues tear it apart. In my opinion, the whiteboard has been—and will continue to be—one of the few tools that improves technical architectures while fostering teamwork and collaboration.

Peer Specs

Company: Raastech, a systems integrator and professional consulting services company specializing in Oracle Fusion Middleware

Job title/description: Technical director, providing technical management and consulting related to the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack
Location: Washington DC
Oracle credentials: Oracle Certified Expert (Oracle SOA Architect, Oracle SOA Infrastructure Implementation) with 18 years of experience using Oracle products
Oracle ACE Oracle ACE

What technology has most changed your life? I know it sounds clichéd, but . . . the internet. Just 15 years ago, I bought a 600-page book hoping to find a paragraph on the function I needed help with. Nowadays, entire solutions are a click away.

What would you like to see Oracle, as a company, do more of? I’d love to see Oracle build next-generation automated intelligence into most products. Think automatic segment space management or dynamic garbage collection, but times a thousand. It’s not far-fetched to think that products can mature to a point where they do the analysis that we as administrators do today and take action accordingly.