Best Practice Approach for Planning your IAM Project by Paul Toal

I was recently asked to provide some best practice advice for Identity Management projects. This got me thinking and led me to write down some recommendations. I thought it might be useful to share my thoughts.Identity Management has been delivering business value within organizations for many years. Over that time, thousands of deployment had enabled a number of lessons to be learned which can help organizations ensure that they are not taking an approach which will work...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 | Hybrid-Cloud Identity | Read More

Oracle Introduces Identity-Centric Cloud Security with Identity SOC by Rohit Gupta

New Challenges Require Identity-Centric Security In a 2016 Cloud Security Research Report by Crowd Research Partners, 91% of organizations have security concern about adopting public cloud, however only 14% believe that existing network security tools are capable of truly protecting the public cloud. The reality is, just as organizations were getting comfortable with their security solutions sitting on the edge of the network, the network perimeterhas dissolved. Now users are...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | Hybrid-Cloud Identity | Read More

Announcing global availability of Identity Cloud Service!

We announced a few weeks ago about the imminent availability of the Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) - Oracle's comprehensive Identity and Access Management platform for the cloud. We are pleased to announce today that the service is now GA (Generally Available) and onboarding enterprise customers the world over.  As a quick recap of what we've mentioned earlier about this exciting new platform, IDCS is a multi-tenant microservices-based platform built from the ground up for the...

Monday, November 7, 2016 | Hybrid-Cloud Identity | Read More

Last Chance to Register: IDCS Launch Webcast

This is your last chance to register for tomorrow's webcast on the new Identity Cloud Service! Extending our leadership in Identity and Access Management, Oracle announces Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), a comprehensive secure, open, and hybrid identity service from the Oracle Cloud. Traditional enterprise security and compliance architectures are being disrupted by emerging user-centric architectures that support the shift to cloud. IDCS is a cloud-native servicedesigned to...

Monday, October 17, 2016 | Hybrid-Cloud Identity | Read More

Hiding in Plain Sight: How a CASB with Built-In UBA Unmasks Insider Threats

by Kyong An With a new threat landscape brought on by cloud pervasiveness and BYOD, many CISOs focus on external threats and overlook the most active threat to their cloud environment -- the insider. The statistics vary, but industry experts consistently state that a majority of threats come from insiders: employees, contractors, consultants, and unprovisioned ex-employees. Many of the controls put in place to mitigatecloud security threats fail to protect the enterprise...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 | Read More

Requirements for Modern Cloud Security with Peter Barker

Join Oracle's Troy Kitch, as he interviews Peter Barker, Oracle's SVP of Identity and Security Products.  In this interview, Peter will outline his perspectives on the changing requirements customers are sharing as they look to employ a user-centric model around their on-premises to cloud applications.  Peter will share how these new requirements have driven Oracle to develop a cloud-native solution designed to enable this Journey to the Cloud.  This has resulted in the announc...

Monday, September 19, 2016 | Hybrid-Cloud Identity | Read More

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