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Work Made Human for Represented Workers

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By Sherri Bartels, Oracle Cloud HCM Product Strategy

Explore how Oracle Cloud HCM supports represented workers as we celebrate Labor Day in the United States this coming week. 

My dad worked at a maintenance base for a major airline his whole career and was a union steward.  The day I told him I had received scholarships to go to a four-year university, I was shocked at his reply.  He said, “What do you want to do that for, when you can get a job here and join the union?”  That question puzzled me for many years up until I began researching the myriad of rules and processes that our customers here at Oracle need in order to manage their represented workers to comply with labor unions and councils around the world.

Represented workers benefit from collective bargaining, which gives workers strength in numbers when negotiating all aspects of their job and workplace.  These agreements entail rules for maintaining levels of workplace safety, access to better training, higher wages, better benefits, job progression, and job security.  At the heart of all these requirements lies eligibility and seniority, which entitles more benefits with more time served. 

Learn how Oracle HCM Cloud helps companies support their represented workers.

Tracking seniority is usually not as easy as just recording a person’s hire date with the company. Numerous data points that describe a worker’s service time include tracking seniority from previous employers, how many hours a person has worked in a given job, in addition to department, location, position, activity, or union. Often times just the collection of this data can be fraught with inaccuracies.  

Another challenge with managing represented workers is maintaining the collective bargaining agreements and contracts and communicating the information contained within to HR and Line Managers who need to enforce the terms and conditions.  This lack of information often leads to high payroll errors and grievances, especially when there are negotiated back-dated changes.  

Summed up, challenges in both areas results in organizational drag, reduced worker morale, and lost productivity.

How Oracle Cloud HCM Manages Represented Workers

In working with some of the world’s leading organizations, Oracle has designed capabilities within Oracle HCM Cloud that help our customers conquer the challenges of managing represented workers. Management is as easy as addressing the worker’s eligibility profile, which informs all the other HR processes as to the worker’s eligibility based on flexible seniority rules to track important lifecycle events or data elements from hire to retire. Some examples include: 

  • Oracle Global HR allows organizations to easily handle eligibility, seniority rules, contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and pay equity with grade step progression. 
  • Oracle Workforce Health & Safety helps organizations ensure the safety of their workforce while maintaining safety standards to comply with union regulations. 
  • Oracle HR HelpDesk provides HR and Labor Relations the data they need at their fingertips to manage employee relations for union workers and better serve their needs. 
  • Oracle Time and Labor enables you to ensure people are paid properly even when there are back-dated union agreement changes. Automatically calculating adjustments is a breeze with event-driven automated retro-calculations. 

With all of this and more, only Oracle Cloud HCM provides the breadth of innovative intelligent solutions that are needed to keep labor union compliance complexities behind the scenes.  

Given the many protections that represented workers have, I’m no longer puzzled by my dad’s question about joining the union.  Ironically, my job here at Oracle allows me to help create the tools that our customers use everyday to manage and serve represented workers around the world in a way that not just adheres to the rules, but ultimately helps the organization ensure that work is made human for all of their people.  I’m proud to work at Oracle and do what I do and I know my dad is proud of me too.

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