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Why Mobile Recruiting is the Next Best Thing

Ramona Costea
Digital Marketing Specialist

Everybody is talking about it, but only a few really envision the positive outcome of this imminent trend. When the digital climate is rapidly evolving, so is the talent acquisition world. If you are recruiting like a god—on all digital channels available today—why not recruit anytime, anywhere? Yes, we are talking about the new age of mobile recruiting.

Social hiring is BIG, but mobile recruiting promises to be even BIGGER.

Fast-growing companies are already hiring at the speed of light - powered by the rise of social media in recruitment strategies. There's no doubt that mobile recruiting will happen—the problem is that it's actually happening faster than everyone expected, leaving companies and recruitment specialists technically unprepared.

Let's state the obvious here: mobile technology is huge today. As a recruiter, you know your potential candidates are already on mobile, be it smartphones or tablets. These are the same individuals that spend their time checking their friends' Facebook status, playing Candy Crush or giving likes on Instagram. Don't you wish they'd rather be applying for your jobs?

What's In It for You—the Candidate?

A 2015 survey indicates that:

  • 86% of active candidates use their smartphone to begin a job search
  • 70% of active candidates want to apply via mobile
  • 55% want to upload a resume to your agency site

You already do your banking and shopping on mobile—so why not apply for jobs too? This is exactly the kind of candidate experience young job seekers are now looking for. And it's not only the millennials who have dramatically shifted from desktop to mobile—we are all slowly embracing connectivity on-the-fly.


Because we are 24/7 connected on mobile. We are more and more addicted to our smartphones and, most of the times, we live on the go. We check our email on the morning commute, chat with friends on WhatsApp, share holiday pics on Instagram, listen to music on SoundCloud, the list can go on and on. Applying for jobs directly on our mobile device seems like the next logical step.

And it all adds up to one thing—saving precious time.

What's in It for You—the Recruiter?

Mobility is an extraordinary gift of modern day technology—and it's not reserved only to the candidates. If you are a recruiter you need to stay ahead of the competition and start putting into practice mobile recruiting tactics. Building a mobile recruitment campaign means creating a different level of engagement with your potential role fillers.

The mobile recruiting expansion will enable you to:

  • Offer almost instant feedback to candidates:
    From a candidate's perspective, having to wait a week or more for application/interview feedback is a major turnoff, and quite frankly, in the era of fast communication, it's no longer acceptable;
  • Create a more natural & humanized candidate experience:
    It's time to personalize information and let candidates know that you are truly interested in retaining them; you can obtain that via SMS/in-app messages that are fast, cheap and straight to the point.
  • Communicate faster & smarter with your hiring managers:
    Speed up the hiring process with quicker approval from your hiring managers, also done on-the-go.

What are the Real Challenges?

When surveyed about the importance of mobile recruiting, this is what 3300 talent acquisition leaders responded:

  • Only 13% say they have invested enough in mobile-friendly recruiting
  • Just 20% have mobile-optimized career sites
  • Only 18% have optimized their job postings for mobile
  • About 49% believe that mobile recruiting is not a top priority for their company

Although this is a win-win situation, recruiting divisions still find it hard to believe that active job seekers look at job postings on their smartphones and are also willing to apply—if given the possibility. As a candidate, not being present on desktop/laptop doesn't translate into being lazy or uninterested—on the contrary—it means you are really busy and rather be multitasking.

Your digital recruitment campaigns are focused on the people—so why not give the people what they ask for?

For now, job seekers are facing two major barriers:

  • the application process is easier to handle from a desktop/laptop;
  • improper mobile optimization makes candidates fear they are more likely to make an error in the application process.

How to Fix Them:

  • Optimize Your Career Site
    Mobile responsive design is the answer (and honestly, it's something all company sites should have done a long time ago);
  • Optimize Your Job Listings
    Reduce content on mobile for easy read and implement job search/filter options because nobody wants to infinitely scroll;
  • Refresh Your Emails
    Adjust your email templates to mobile versions, make them catchy and “salesy”;
  • Simplify Your Mobile Apply Process
    The actual 'showstopper.' Almost all job applications require a resume upload, an action that cannot be completed while on mobile. Fortunately, you do have other, better, options: instead of the classic resume, ask your candidates to submit their LinkedIn profile, links to their online portfolios, blogs, etc.

Mobile recruiting is not the future—it's actually the very present for many of your active candidates. Nothing is set to stone, everything that connects us to the digital world is in continuous transformation. What we see implemented today, tomorrow might take a different shape. As trends come and go, so do our perceptions, desires, strategies.

But that's the beauty of it all.

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Passionate about turning simple ideas into creative stories. Truly in love with storytelling, Ramona Costea has been active in the media writing and publishing business for over 8 years. Now she is now a Copywriter for Oracle’s Global Recruiting department, where she continues to experiment with social media and improve content strategy. Her specialties include content writing, online marketing, employer branding and social media. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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