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Three Steps to Get Big Data Ready for HR

Big data will revolutionise HR practices—here is how to hit the ground running with your implementation

Big data analytics promises to deliver new insights into the workforce; these insights can help HR better predict trends and policy outcomes and thereby make the right decisions. It has the power to help HR to predict and plan organizational performance, to minimize the cost, time and risk of taking on new HR initiatives, and to understand, develop and maintain a productive workforce over a single technology platform, and much more.

Big data analytics has a huge role to play in the future of HR, but it is important that HR teams get prepared in the right way. Here are our tips to make sure that your data is ready for the big data revolution.

1. Remove data 'islands'

The first step is to identify what kind of data you need for a truly successful HR strategy. Too often, HR teams experience data organised in silos, cut off from the rest of the organization. The migration to big data provides then the perfect opportunity to identify data islands within your HR systems and define a strategy to integrate and reorganise them.

2. Use a single interface

Understanding how data is collected within your organisation is fundamental to a successful big data strategy. You have to avoid ‘copy and paste’ practices and instead make sure that data is collected automatically, and seamlessly integrated in one interface. The less you have to manually record information and integrate it into your HR systems, the better. It is therefore crucial to choose a single simple interface that will collect all your data and make it easily accessible to your team.

3. Start simple

Once you have chosen the type of data you need and the way and where you will collect it, you can decide the kind of analytics you need. To be efficient and keep it simple, you can start with simple correlations to understand how big data analytics works and what kind of results you can get. You can then slowly increase the analytical complexity, heading to predictive analytics.

These three steps will ensure that Oracle big data solution will help you deliver an enhanced HR strategy that meets your corporate goals.

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