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The Learning Management System community needs you!

September 1, 2009 By: Guest Author


We think that all users of HCM and other ERP systems are the same - big mistake!

The LMS community is not the same as the ERP or HCM community
Some of you might from time to time - like me - get in contact with end users and administrators working with an ERP or HCM system.
Some of you might - like me - be working in an organization where you have systems, procedures and web sites set up to handle the communication with these end users and administrators.
..... And some of you might also - like me - have found out that all these wonderful systems do not always work for the Learning Management System (LMS) community!

In other words: My experience is that you cannot compare the LMS community with the other HCM or ERP communities.
I have talked to several LMS administrators who felt they were left alone with their LMS, no one to talk to and no one to exchange ideas with.

How we keep contact with the ERP and HCM community in Oracle
This came as a surprise to me as we at Oracle have several channels where we communicate with our users: We have Metalink where EVERYTHING Oracle can be found, we have HCM newsletters, we have several different forums for HCM users and we have our Oracle website.
But the LMS administrators and LMS responsible I talked to knew nothing about all these fine offerings.
After having talked to some of these people I found out that the education or training department in many organizations does not have the same close relationship with the IT department as the HCM or Finance department. And it turned out that it was often the IT department that was the center of Oracle knowledge.
So all our communication efforts did not reach the LMS community, as the "line of communication" broke between the IT department and the LMS people.

Ideas for reaching out to the LMS community
This means that we have started some special activities aimed at the LMS community.
We have worldwide user groups for our different LMS where we have recurring virtual meetings, we have recurring meetings with many of our existing customers and we have a website specifically for our LMS.

So my advice is:
If you are in a situation where you need to get in contact with the end users and administrators of an organization's LMS, don't rely on the usual communication channels. These will often not be open to the LMS community, so you will often have to create your own "LMS communication channels" in order to get the message through.


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