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Support Employee Mental Health and Adapt To the Changing Workplace With Oracle’s Employee Care Package

Emily He
SVP, HCM Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted the world, with companies having to adapt and adjust along the way. Earlier this year, Oracle announced free access to our Oracle Workforce Health and Safety tool for our HR customers to help keep their employees safe. To provide additional support, we launched our Employee Care Package, a bundle of HCM tools and technology to help HR teams make work safer, supportive, and smarter. Today more than 150 customers are using Workforce Health and Safety, and a number of partners are offering to deploy this solution at no cost.

When we introduced the Employee Care Package back in June, we wanted to ensure our customers could enable employees to feel safe and confident in the workplace, gain the skills needed to adapt, and stay connected as workplace dynamics shifted to remote scenarios overnight. As time progresses, the amount of change that workers are dealing with, both personally and professionally, is taking its toll on their health—physically and mentally. Whether it is new demands on-the-job, supporting virtual schooling of children, minding safety precautions at work, or a combination, our customers tell us that this is one of the most stressful times their employees have ever faced. As the situation continues to evolve, the Employee Care Package remains an important way for us to help our customers navigate through change. 

This is why we are announcing the expansion of our Employee Care Package with free access to our Oracle Workforce Health and Safety tool extended through August 2021, or until the pandemic subsides. We are also spotlighting Oracle Connections as part of the package, included with Oracle Global HR, as a way to drive connectivity and foster relationships across organizations. With the Employee Care Package now more relevant than ever, Oracle is committed to helping our customers adapt to the new workplace and supporting both physical and mental well-being of employees.

Prioritize Well-being and Safety

New research by the Society for Human Resource Management found between 22 percent and 35 percent of U.S. employees often experience symptoms of depression as they live through the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s a conversation that needs to be had and employees are looking to employers to step up. These challenges have elevated the role of HR. To meet these new challenges, HR needs to re-examine how they can create an environment that focuses on mental well-being and keeps employees happy, engaged and productive. Our Oracle Work Life and Oracle Connections solutions can help foster a culture of connectedness during this time.

  • Oracle Connections helps make the employee experience more engaging, which is critical with so many organizations taking advantage of remote work. Employees can connect with colleagues in a whole new way to create relationships by sharing more information about themselves on their profile, as well as recording their own introduction video.
  • Oracle Work Life strengthens workplace community and empowers employees to grow stronger together. My Wellness is part of Oracle’s Work Life and allows employees to set wellness goals and also provides recommendations to employees on behaviors that can increase their well-being. Offering a wellness program helps create greater employee engagement, contributing to a sense of connectedness. 
  • Oracle Workforce Health and Safety provides organizations with the ability to effectively and simply manage the entire process around health incidents (such as confirmed COVID-19 cases). HR professionals can help employees feel protected as they track and report, minimize exposure to the larger workforce, and take appropriate action quickly. 

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  • Oracle Onboarding provides a scalable way to re-board employees as they return to the workplace, guiding them through a structured return process to ensure compliance and reduce complexity.

Learn how our extended and expanded Employee Care Package offering can help your organization navigate COVID-19.

Deliver Exceptional Support

HR will need to continue delivering a supportive, and positive experience for their teams. Employees might be a little nervous when returning back to the workplace, or still have questions working from home or navigating new workplace dynamics. It’s up to HR teams to be their support and deliver confidence. Our Oracle HR Help Desk and Oracle Digital Assistant can help.

  • With Oracle HR Help Desk, organizations can handle employee cases quickly and log COVID-19 issues while keeping data private. HR professionals can enable quick answer discovery with an AI-enabled knowledgebase to scale HR service delivery.
  • Oracle Digital Assistant can help HR support mental well-being by providing a way for employees to ask questions about their mental health and get fast answers or be directed to helpful resources in a private and scalable way. Employees can ask for help, whether they are working remotely or in the office, through whatever channel they prefer (SMS, voice, social, etc.).

Enhance Learning and Skills

As HR helps their organization navigate change, it’s essential to provide the training employees need to acclimate. Roles and requirements are changing, and workers are being asked to do new things. Oracle Learning helps equip your workforce with new skills needed for the current climate and a post-pandemic world.

  • With Oracle Learning, HR teams can help employees reskill and readjust to the new workplace. AI-driven learning recommendations will help employees improve productivity, attain new skills, and discover new opportunities.

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Whether it’s helping organizations adapt to the new workplace, supporting both physical and mental well-being of employees, or reskilling your organization to meet today’s new needs - as you help your workforce readjust in a changing world, we’re here to support you.

Join us at Oracle Live to learn more about our Employee Care Package and other Oracle products that support organizations as we adapt to our changing workplace.

For more information about Oracle’s Employee Care Package, click here: http://oracle.com/employee-care-package

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