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Recruiting via Social Sourcing and Viral Job Sharing

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By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle Midsize

What's the First Thing You'd Do If You Were Looking for a Job?

A conversation about modern talent sourcing with Richard Atkins, EVP of Certus Solutions

Not that I'm looking for a new job…but if I were, I'd do two things. First, I'd tell everyone I know. Second, I'd make sure all my social profiles are putting my best foot forward. I came to those conclusions after my recent conversation with Richard Atkins, EVP of Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions. Certus Solutions is the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Applications and Training Partner of the Year for 2014.

I'd take those two steps because I'd want it to be easy for the right company to find me. That "right" company would be one that has adopted Modern Best Practice across their operations, exploiting social, cloud, mobile, analytics, big data, and the Internet of Things to achieve more, faster and with fewer resources.

"Today, progressive companies are winning the battle for best talent by proactively searching their employees' extended social networks for best fit candidates," says Atkins. "Gone are the days when recruiting departments spent most of their time writing up job descriptions, posting them on job boards and with agencies, and then sitting around waiting for candidates to apply."

Beyond LinkedIn to Social Powered Referrals

Social networks have been the sandbox for recruiters for quite some time but modern talent sourcing solutions like Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud are taking what once was an art to what is now more of a science.

"Recruiting the best talent is getting more and more challenging so the most successful companies are recruiting all the time," says Atkins. "Manually searching LinkedIn profiles is certainly better than the old way of doing things but it's definitely not modern best practice. Referrals are a far more powerful way and that's where the automation capabilities of social sourcing solutions really come into their own."

A successful referral strategy starts with encouraging all existing employees to build out their social networks. Once a job profile is created, an automated sourcing solution can be used to first look for employees who fit that profile and send them a link in case they might be interested. Concurrently, that solution will troll through employees' social networks and find other people that fit the ideal profile. When matches are found, emails are sent to employees who are connected to the candidates, asking them to refer the job to those qualified candidates. And, as Atkins points out, "The automated solution identifies candidates that may be good matches even if they're not looking for a new job."

Scary? No…Scary Good

Trolling your employees' social networks might sound a little scary. But automated sourcing tools are not tyrannical cyber monsters with minds of their own. They can only use information you give them access to.

"You control they automation," says Atkins. "You determine the keywords and set the parameters. You tell the system how many candidates to return to you. Maybe you start off with sharing one job profile with just a couple of employees and politely nudging them. 'Hey… we notice that you are linked to these people. They look like they would be great candidates.'"

With Social Sourcing, once candidates are identified and apply, they are moved more quickly and efficiently through the selection process. First, referrals are assigned to different categories than people who randomly apply. And, since candidates have already been screened via their social profiles and relationships, you can ask applicants to answer just a few rules-based questions that generate talent pools within the system. That helps identify who you would consider to be star candidates.

"It's viral job sharing that you control," says Atkins. "It's developing a recruiting network that builds up within the system on itself. Candidates that apply become part of the network, automatically spreading your recruiting net wider. Everything is tracked automatically, providing analytics about people who are being referred and who your top referrers are. There's no real limit how far that can go."

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