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Recapping HR Tech Day 3: Something for Everyone

Albert Qian
Content Marketing Manager

Day 3 of the HR Technology Conference brought more insights from thought leaders and analysts. There was something for everyone, from driving HCM adoption to streamlining hiring. And of course, what’s an HR conference without a little ribbing aimed at millennials?

Here’s some of what I heard today.

It’s All About the Experience

Technology no doubt brightens the future of work and as today’s sessions showed, the main impact will be to the HR experience, with job seekers and employees expected to benefit. The areas impacted include:

  • Employer Advocacy—It’s been long understood that people trust those they know before they trust brands and this is no different in the hiring process. Employee advocates are trusted twice as much as company executives, according to data from CareerBuilder, which is why the job board recommends leveraging employees to tell the company story through social networks as well as on the employee website.
  • Team Building—Employee engagement is another area that leads to a positive HR experience. According to author and analyst Marcus Buckingham, the best way to drive engagement is through building teams, since this fosters community and creates career purpose. Yet his research with ADP shows that few organizations actually measure team effectiveness, instead focusing on surveys and perks. He recommends that organizations build more tools to support leaders, improve their onboarding, and make teams a priority in bringing employees together.

The final full day of HR Tech brought about best practices concerning adoption, best practices, and millennials.

HR Adoption Processes Matter Too

Experiences can’t happen without the right adoption processes. Whether the goal is measuring ROI or getting staff on board, a successful implementation requires a combination of involving stakeholders and developing a convincing business case.

In the initial session, HR industry analyst Robin Schooling discussed how leaders can drive HR technology adoption and overcome user indifference, ineffective training, and a lack of accountability. In her work with HR organizations, she’s discovered that constant communication, identifying champions and naysayers, and developing training strategies are the way to go. Even after an HCM solution has been deployed, leaders should continue updating content, monitoring ongoing issues, and driving incentivized engagement.

In a second session, Trevor White of Nucleus Research outlined how CFOs should approach HCM implementation and ROI, encouraging leaders to focus on factors such as platform breadth, implementation risk, and overall usability. White also believes that leaders should focus on both direct and indirect benefits, since buyer expectations may not always align with end-user realities.

What Do Different Generations Really Want?

Finally, what’s a conference without a session devoted to comparing millennials to other generations in the workplace? Infor captured everyone’s attention with a session titled “Are Millennials Ruining the Workforce?” More provocative than the title were the results of their cross-generational survey, providing insights that contradict common millennial tropes. A few include:

  • Laziness—While people commonly assume millennials lack initiative, Infor’s data discovered that many millennials are willing to work longer hours to prove their worth.
  • Leaving Jobs—All generations leave work for similar reasons, notably managers who aren’t helping them improve within their role.
  • Company Culture—Millennials do care about company culture and 86% of them would take a pay cut to work at a company where their values align, versus just 9% of baby boomers.
  • Rewards—While millennials are criticized as the participation trophy generation, they don’t necessarily expect more rewards from work compared to other generations. Instead, they expect to be compensated differently, with experiences, as opposed to money and access to technology which older generations appear to prefer.

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