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Recap: What We Learned Attending the Oracle Taleo and Beyond Virtual Summit

Pete Jaradeh
Product Marketing Manager

On December 8th, Oracle held its fifth and final virtual summit for 2020—Oracle Taleo and Beyond: Recruiting in the New Workplace. Those who attended had the opportunity to listen to key Oracle development leaders and prominent customers on the state of both Oracle Taleo and Oracle Recruiting and the applicability of both solutions in today’s world.

The sessions that transpired were as follows:



Unplugged: A Conversation with Chris and Nagaraj

  • Chris Leone, SVP, Applications Development, Oracle
  • Nagaraj Nadendla, SVP, Product Development, Oracle

Why Macy’s Chose Oracle Recruiting


  • Andrew Roark, Sr. Director of HR Technology, Macys
  • Nagaraj Nadendla, SVP, Product Development, Oracle

Why Hearst Chose Oracle Recruiting

  • Debra Robinson, CIO/SVP of Oracle Technology and Operations, Hearst
  • Nagaraj Nadendla, SVP, Product Development, Oracle

Why Equity Residential Chose Oracle Recruiting

  • Mark Johnson, Director of HCM Technology, Equity Residential
  • Nagaraj Nadendla, SVP, Product Development, Oracle

During the event, attendees were treated to an unfiltered conversation between Oracle’s SVP of Product Development, Nagaraj Nadendla, and SVP of Applications Development, Chris Leone. They discussed Oracle’s two recruiting-related offerings, followed by one-on-one discussions with current customers Macy’s, Hearst, and Equity Residential–all of whom recently made the transition from Oracle Taleo to Oracle Recruiting. 

Though a plethora of topics was covered in the span of 60 minutes, three common themes emerged:

Organizations Realize More Value When Recruiting is Part of HCM

Oracle Recruiting, Oracle’s natively developed hiring platform, was a huge focus throughout the summit. During the first half, Nadendla and Leone covered a variety of topics pertaining to both Taleo and Oracle Recruiting but chose to focus on the latter when speaking about Oracle’s HCM suite strategy.

“Oracle Recruiting Cloud is for Cloud HCM suite customers. We purpose-built it…for customers adopting the suite,” said Nadendla, alluding to the modern workplace and Oracle’s early investment in Oracle Recruiting Cloud as a part of the greater HCM ecosystem. He elaborated on the value of having recruiting operate as a native component of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, stating, “Leveraging the Cloud HCM and the broader platform [has allowed for] things like simplifying the business logic with auto-complete and validation rules, and ultimately driving efficiency and making the self-service experience much more intuitive.” 

We recently held our final virtual summit, focused on recruiting with Oracle Taleo and Oracle Recruiting. Discover our takeaways from the event.

He then segued to covering the candidate-centric, talent-aware, and data-driven design principles of Oracle Recruiting—all of which he’s observed customers embrace as the pandemic exacerbated hiring challenges. During the second half of the summit, Nagaraj even encouraged customers to directly speak to these design principles, and their effectiveness.

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Macy’s was the first highlighted, as Nadendla cited the data-driven decision making of Andrew Roark, Sr. Director of HR Technology for Macy’s. Roark discussed how Oracle Recruiting helps the retailer identify the biggest potential wins organizationally and gives leadership clarity into recruiting opportunities and areas for improvement. 

Roark also touched on the popularity of Oracle’s internal mobility offering, which matches employees with opportunities based on skills and notifies hiring teams of great candidate fits from within the organization. Powered by a connection between Oracle Recruiting and Oracle Cloud HCM, he notes that there are now new opportunities for talent insight, including visibility into the current experience, skill-sets, and career aspirations.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Oracle Recruiting can do for your organization, we recommend visiting the Oracle Cloud HCM Recruiting homepage.

Leveraging Modern Innovations are Essential to Success

What piqued the attention of customers the most was the abundance of next-generation technologies product development has incorporated into Oracle Recruiting that drives hiring productivity—a representation of Oracle’s innovation strategy.

Leone and Nadendla provided attendees with a high-level overview of key innovations, tying each back to Oracle Recruiting. Some examples included AI and machine learning, both of which Nadendla said, offer better personalization, automation, and smarter decision making for recruiting teams. 

Mark Johnson, Director of HCM Technology for Equity Residential, spoke about how emerging technologies have delivered value to his organization personally—, particularly with the Oracle Digital Assistant. Mark noted its supplementary purpose to reduce the number of calls or questions that come into Equity Residential’s recruiting team and provide additional context around our company. He also spoke to the value around adaptive intelligence in Oracle Recruiting, which fuels candidate recommendations—a feature that surfaces ideal candidate job-fits based on their similarity to current and previous individuals who’ve found success in identical roles.

If you’d like to understand more Oracle’s HCM innovation strategy, you can head on over to Oracle’s Cloud HCM Fall 2020 update.

Taleo Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon—But Customers Should Consider Oracle Recruiting

Taleo remains a commitment for Oracle, especially with the vast magnitude of customers continuing to leverage the solution. Nadendla spoke to Oracle’s commitment towards its evolution and shared several forward-looking capabilities, including enhancements to the UX, the incorporation of next-gen tech, and integrations with LinkedIn.

Nadendla also clarified the adoption intent of Oracle’s Taleo, stating that it’s designed for “standalone recruiting customers”—those that aren’t quite ready to adopt Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. He reassured current Taleo customers that Oracle is devoted to their hiring success and they can continue utilizing the solution until they’re ready to migrate.

Nonetheless, Nadendla concluded his conversation with Leone by sharing three reasons why now is the time to migrate to Oracle Recruiting:

  • First is Oracle Recruiting’s unified suite approach, which provides customers with “a single cloud experience to unified experiences for all the end-users, employees, and external candidates.”
  • Second is an improved candidate and recruiter experience directly, which includes a simpler application and the inclusion of career mobility, all supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning, hyper-personalization, and automation. 
  • Finally, Nadendla and Chris shared the adoption programs available to customers, which make embarking on the journey from one product to the other as seamless as possible.

Using Taleo and curious about making the jump to Oracle Recruiting? Visit the Oracle Soar SaaS Migration homepage for more information.

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