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Recap: How HR Can Lead Change in the New Workplace

Pete Jaradeh
Product Marketing Manager

Last Wednesday, October 7th, Oracle kicked off its third HCM-oriented virtual summit, titled, “How HR Can Lead Change in the New Workplace”. Attendees heard from a panel of Oracle experts who shared insights on today’s state of business and recommendations related to supporting critical business processes and addressing employee needs.

The sessions that transpired were as follows:



Acquiring the Right Talent – Inside and Outside Your Organization

  • Brett Tearney, VP, Product Management (Oracle Recruiting)

The New Reskilling and Upskilling Imperative


  • Kautul Mehta, Sr. Director, Product Strategy (Learning), HCM

Supporting Your Workforce with Exceptional HR Service Delivery

  • Nancy Zoder, VP, Product Strategy, HCM

Leveraging Your HCM Customer Community

  • Heather Hagedorn, Sr. Manager, Product Strategy, HCM

While speakers covered a variety of topics in-depth, attendees left with some important takeaways:

Recruiting Needs to be Looked at Differently

Brett Tearney, VP, Oracle Product Management, opted to offer guidance to those struggling to fill job vacancies and address new business requirements— internally and externally—with the current prevalence of hiring-related challenges and organizational resource constraints. 

For organizations hiring from outside, Tearney extensively reiterated the message of treating candidates like customers and elaborated on how to accomplish this. He spoke to the importance of embedding common consumer desires such as personalization, ease-of-use, simplicity, and more, directly into the candidate experience, stating “all of these kinds of concepts are things that we see in incredible amounts of commonality between what consumers have grown to expect in the broader marketplace and what candidates are increasingly wanting when they engage with brands when looking for a job.” To make it actionable, Brett transitioned into sharing how Oracle can help. He gave viewers a taste of Oracle Recruiting, Oracle’s natively developed hiring solution, and detailed its tailored career site capabilities, candidate relationship management tools, mobile-first strategy, and its ability to remove obstacles for applicants, such as the all-too-common account creation process.

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As for those looking to leverage existing talent, Tearney illustrated how these same tools are being used to cultivate engagement with employees for internal mobility purposes. He spent time touching on the subject of employee engagement, correlating its prioritization to improvements in innovation, retention, and cost savings. Most importantly though, with so many companies becoming reliant on temporary positions, Brett chose to focus the bulk of this segment on Oracle’s Opportunity Marketplace and its usefulness in helping organizations address specific tasks or projects with existing employees. To quote Brett, “[Opportunity Marketplace] is focused on having something very lightweight to be able to allow a project to be spun up, tasks to be conducted in short-term fashions…and allow employees to be able to gain important skills.”

For more on Brett Tearney’s session, Acquiring the Right Talent – Inside and Outside Your Organization, take a look at the link provided.

Developing the Skills of your Workforce is Essential

Given the shift in responsibilities for many employees, subsequently brought on by the pandemic, Kautul Mehta, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, HCM, dedicated his time to highlight the importance of ascertaining the skills possessed by your workforce and ways to drive upskilling and reskilling, when necessary.

He focused on the pervasiveness of remote work early on, its disruption to traditional employee development models, and the importance of facilitating virtual development in spite of this. He then segued into providing audience members with recommended approaches to workforce development, all of which were attainable through Oracle Learning, by taking a look at learning through the lens of three distinct personas: employees, managers, and HR.

For employees, Mehta emphasized personalization and accessibility. He dove deep into the need for employees to receive content that’s directly relevant to current and future responsibilities, while also ensuring that it’s easily findable by users. Kautul stated that “From an employee’s perspective, in these times, as you think about how suddenly things have really changed…you don’t want a disparate set of learning systems. You want a single place where learners can go to search and browse items.”

As for managers and HR, Kautul focused more on administration, course formats, and measurement. Here he demonstrated to viewers exactly how leaders can deliver learning journeys for individuals and teams, how they can create communities to foster knowledge sharing and the tracking capabilities that accurately assess and confirm skill acquisitions.

To hear Mehta’s thoughts in more detail, we recommend referencing The New Reskilling and Upskilling Imperative on-demand recording.

Missed our Virtual Summit last week? Check out our recap and re-watch sessions on recruiting, HR service delivery, and customer communities on-demand.

Modern HR Experience Requires the Right Approach

Nancy Zoder, VP, Product Strategy, HCM, covered HR service delivery in-depth, focusing on the high-level relationship between workers and their organization.

Nancy kicked things off by emphasizing the crucial nature of trust, stating that “without trust in the organization…service and experience will not be productive.”  To help organizations obtain this, she shared a study from McKinsey & Company, a US-based consulting conglomerate, detailing methods for establishing organizational trust amongst employees, and means for ascertaining and quantifying that trust.

From there, Zoder transitioned into speaking on a variety of criteria points, all essential for delivering modern HR service: accessibility, personalization, and automation. She tied these characteristics back to service delivery tiers (tier 0, tier 1, and tier 2) and added a new tier, titled “Personal tier”, which she defined as “where organizations have the opportunity to support the worker as a person, not just as a person that completes the work in the organization,” —illustrating this tier’s success as producing employees that are committed to the company and its goals.

For more information on the service delivery tiers and HR service delivery in general, please refer to our session, Supporting Your Workforce with Exceptional HR Service Delivery.

Modern HR Experience Requires Personalization

To conclude the summit, Oracle connected with Heather Hagedorn, Sr. Manager, Product Strategy, HCM, to educate participants on Oracle’s HCM Cloud Customer Connect community and the role it plays in supporting organizational resilience.

For those unfamiliar, the Cloud Customer Connect Community is intended to be a one-stop-shop for customers interested in engaging with Oracle professionals, partners, and even themselves. During this session, Hagedorn highlighted several underutilized areas of the community, viewed as incredibly valuable by users.

Ready for the Future of HR? Learn About the Future of the Function

Starting first with the product forums, Hagedorn performed a live demonstration of several key areas, directing viewers to the HCM Report Sharing Center, the HCM Integration, and the COVID-19 forum – three locations customers have stated are chalked full of helpful resources and advice for navigating this pandemic.

One other critical area discussed was the Idea Lab, a centralized location for customers to propose, vote, and comment on future Oracle HCM solution capabilities. This grants users the opportunity to propose specific product functionality directly to our organization with ease.

While a plethora of additional resources were covered, we encouraged interested parties to check out the Leveraging Your HCM Customer Community on-demand recording for more information.

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