What Do You Have in Common With Curious George?

December 9, 2020 | 3 minute read
Melinda Munroe
Director, Oracle Cloud HCM Product Marketing
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According to the Association of Talent Development, this week is Employee Learning Week. And what kind of product marketing professional would I be if I didn’t take this as an opportunity to write a blog post on the subject!? The fact is, I have always enjoyed learning new things…and I have the school student loans from two master’s degrees to show for it (eeeeek!). However, just because I’m finally out of school doesn’t mean that my learning has to stop.

I know that I am not alone in my quest for continuous knowledge. While doing research for this blog, I came across an interesting article explaining why us humans are so inquisitive. Turns out that Curious George isn’t the only primate that’s, well, curious. Humans are a neotenic species, meaning we are born with an instinct to learn throughout our lives. 

Unfortunately, just because I have a desire to learn doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to find the time to set aside and do so. While I have the best intentions to block time off on my calendar to watch an interesting course, some other work or urgent Slack request inevitably seems to get in the way. Even my commute podcast time is non-existent now that the COVID-19 pandemic has me working from home.

About that pandemic—it’s disrupting much more than just commutes and routines. Companies have been working for almost a year now trying to stay above water while navigating this new workplace. Some businesses are moving employees into new roles or adding responsibilities if they are short-staffed. Other companies are cross-training people just in case a colleague can’t come in because they are sick.

Looking to Increase Your Organization's Learning?: Find out if Technology the Answer  

While organizations have acknowledged that they must continue to develop their employees, the pandemic has fueled the urgency. In fact, 80% of CEOs that were surveyed by PwC before the pandemic called out the need for new skills as their biggest business challenge. The pandemic has only worsened the reskilling imperative, with a Gartner survey of HR leaders across industries and regions stating that building critical skills and competencies was their #1 priority for 2021. 

How can organizations tap into employee’s innate desire to learn to help not only our own individual gains, but for the benefit of the company as well? How can they do it while most employees are feeling busier than ever with not only work, but also their personal responsibilities at home? Let’s explore. 

Curious George isn't the only primate interested in the world around him. Find out how you can satisfy the curiosity of your own workforce.

Learning in the Flow of Work

The current proposed solution is something Josh Bersin has coined as “learning in the flow of work”. In his Harvard Business Review article, Bersin says that for “learning to really happen, it must fit around and align itself to working days and working lives. In other words, rather than think of corporate learning as a destination, it’s now becoming something that comes to us and through good design thinking and cutting-edge technology, we can build solutions and experiences that make learning almost invisible in our jobs.”

This is where technology like Oracle Learning can help. Employees can access courses from a personalized homepage and get recommendations from the system, managers or even their peers. Since Oracle Learning is part of Oracle Talent Management, courses and content become embedded as part of the ongoing performance and career management process to guide employees as they work on achieving their development goals. I personally would feel much more motivated if I had a specific course designated to help me reach my development goal vs poking around for a topic I might be curious about, but will ultimately not make time for.

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Oracle Learning helps companies expand their course catalog through integrations with different content providers such as LinkedIn, Skillsoft, and more. The courses are easily accessible from anywhere, including offline, meaning that whenever my public transportation commute starts back up, I’ll have plenty of learning opportunities to keep me occupied.

Learn more about Oracle Talent Management today. Happy Learning!

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Melinda Munroe

Director, Oracle Cloud HCM Product Marketing

Melinda is a product marketing leader.

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