Upskilling & Reskilling with Oracle Learning

December 10, 2020 | 4 minute read
Prabu Iyer
Product Strategy Director, HCM
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I have always been interested in landscape photography with a DSLR camera. Soon after my daughter was born, I shifted to learn portrait photography documenting our life with our little princess. I recently attended the Adobe Max Conference and for the first time, it opened my eyes to the possibility of using the Lightroom app on my iPhone for mobile photography. While I have learned what I know so far through books, blogs, talking to other experts, and participating in workshops, I realized that I have learned each aspect through a different medium and that there is no one specific way to master a concept. Employee learning no different.

This year Oracle Learning turned six and over this period we have continuously enhanced and innovated to make Learning simple for our customers. Reflecting on this journey I feel learning can be grounded in the following principles:

  • Shifting Mindset—There is no ONE specific way to learn. You learn by reading, attending live classes, through e-Learning, doing stretch projects, or through mentoring and coaching 
  • Intentionality–Identify what you want to achieve & chart your learning map to get there 
  • Putting it into practice–As with anything in life, practice makes permanent. Making learning part of our every day makes it stick

Across the world, the workforce should feel proud, having made it through a year where their resilience and adaptability were tested to the maximum. As you participate in Employee Learning Week to prepare for a post-pandemic world, I would like to share how our customers use Oracle Learning to train their workforce. I will focus on upskilling (learning current tasks more deeply) or re-skilling (learning new skills for a new position).

What is Oracle Learning?

Oracle Learning is part of the Talent Management suite of applications that spans recruiting, career development, learning, and internal mobility. 

Oracle Learning has made significant advancements in terms of product depth & functionality and customer adoption since its launch.

How Oracle Learning and Talent Solutions helps organizations adapt and Upskill & Reskill the Workforce

Personalized learning experience

Employees can discover what they want to learn via a Netflix-like personalized homepage, view and launch mandatory learning, continue any developmental courses they have enrolled in, and review recommendations from the system, managers, and peers. 

Discover how Oracle Learning can transform your organization's upskilling and reskilling initiatives. 

Learning Journeys to Close Skill Gaps

Learners can record and publish their own videos to share with their peers to encourage a more bite-sized microlearning, Learners can connect and share material covering a single topic in-depth or create learning journeys to address a more complex need. 

Oracle Learning makes it easier to acquire content from external sources such as LinkedIn and Skillsoft. Learners can leverage a breadth of courses to get the skills they are most interested in.

Connections—Easily find Coaches/Mentors

The need for Collaboration, mentoring, connectedness and more ways to leverage learning and growing through others have become more important for remote, physically separated employees. Our Connections capability acts as an employee’s personal portfolio -It combines employee directory and org chart with a personal profile page for employees to showcase themselves in the organization, allowing others to write on their walls and even import their profile data from LinkedIn. 

Leaders/organizations can identify what skills the organization currently has, map out which skill pools will disproportionately affect corporate objectives, and quickly identify crucial value drivers and employee groups. Once organizations have identified the skills needed for business continuity, they can launch a tailored learning campaign across the enterprise to close critical skills gaps. 

Discover how Oracle Learning can transform your organization's upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Learning Built-into the Talent Lifecycle

Oracle Learning natively integrates with Oracle Talent Management. It can provide recommendations that will help employees better qualify for their careers of interest by identifying gaps in their skills versus the desired job role. As part of the continuous performance and career management, learners can choose courses and content to help them achieve their development goals.

Discover how Oracle Learning can transform your organization's upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Upskilling and Reskilling with Internal Mobility 

Oracle Opportunity Marketplace provides employees with a broader range of continuous development opportunities by making it easier to find new opportunities within their organizations. These can be in the form of gigs, temporary assignments, open positions, short- and long-term part-time projects, volunteering, mentorships, etc. By partaking in such opportunities, employees can grow their skills, expand their network, and apply their expertise to advance their organization's business goals. 

Discover how Oracle Learning can transform your organization's upskilling and reskilling initiatives.
Oracle Learning achieves on all fronts of the guiding principles- shifting mindset, intentionality & putting it into practice by bringing together recommendations, a variety of learning mediums, content, gigs, and jobs your workforce needs to build in-demand skills.

Everyone's learning journey is personal, I encourage you to explore yours. As for me, I have realized I learn best by practicing, even if it means deleting hundreds of pics from my phone every Sunday. I have discovered my strengths and areas for improvement by simply doing. For the holidays, I intend to continue exploring and learning more about the ins and outs of mobile photography to capture my daughter's shenanigans !!  

Happy Learning to you all. 

Discover Oracle Learning

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Prabu Iyer

Product Strategy Director, HCM

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