The top 10 reasons customers choose Oracle Cloud HCM

August 18, 2022 | 3 minute read
Amy Lindsey
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Jayme Mesecher
Director, HCM Product Marketing
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Across all industries, what was considered a reliable best practice has fundamentally been disrupted. Our customers face new challenges every day and are redefining what best means for their businesses. HR is no exception, and as a leader, one of your top priorities is to provide the best tools to retain, grow, attract, and engage your talent. For some organizations, the strategy is to move from on-premises systems to the cloud, while for others, it could mean moving to an all-in-one, unified cloud solution. 

At Oracle, our focus is on creating an experience that employees and managers love while also being a trusted partner that businesses can depend on as they navigate disruption with agility and resilience. That said, don’t take our word for it. Our customers are delighted with Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management because it enables them to simplify their once complex processes across various industries and geographies. Here are the top ten reasons they’ve shared with us for choosing Oracle Cloud HCM.

1. Tailored user experience 

Providing employees a tailored user experience is now a necessity that many HR teams strive for as they evaluate their technology. That’s why we created Oracle ME, the only complete employee experience platform. Oracle ME, part of Oracle Cloud HCM, provides personalized guidance and creates meaningful connections by bringing together employee communications, workflows, listening, networking, and support on an open platform.

2. Adaptable and extensible

HR requires an agile solution that adapts quickly as new challenges arise. Our customers value Oracle Cloud HCM’s ability to meet the needs of their changing business practices, regulations, and environments. They can easily configure their organizational chart, model workforce changes using compensation data, and set up processes with little to no IT involvement.

3. Complete HCM cloud 

Built as a single cloud solution across all HR functionalities, Oracle Cloud HCM connects every process throughout the employee lifecycle. Our solution delivers complete end-to-end workforce visibility by offering solutions for talent management, learning, talent acquisition, employee experience, HR help desk, payroll, benefits, workforce planning, analytics, health and safety, and time and labor.

4. Complete enterprise solution

We natively build our software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications on our own cloud platform and infrastructure. This setup provides an easy-to-configure dashboard with data across HR, finance, and sales to manage people costs and drive growth. With applications and data on one platform, you can gain unobstructed visibility across your organization and increased data security.

5. Improved business value

Oracle customers leverage our HCM cloud application to drive business value through better user engagement and adoption, streamlined processes, improved productivity, and lower total cost of ownership. One example is Arizona Federal Credit Union, which improved productivity and now saves 60 hours of work each month after adopting Oracle Cloud HCM.

6. Dedication to innovation

Innovation is the biggest benefit of moving your systems to the cloud. We invest US$6 billion annually in research and development, which allows our customers to offer tailored experiences to their team with advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital assistants. Additionally, 80% of our innovations originate from customer feedback.

7. Data security and privacy 

With companies now moving to a more distributed workforce, it’s critical to ensure employee data is only accessed as intended. Oracle has a strong security culture and is trusted by organizations worldwide with strict security requirements. Additionally, Oracle Advanced HCM Controls keeps HR data secure with ongoing, automated monitoring of user access and activity. 

8. Vibrant HR community

Oracle customers gain access to Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, our vibrant online community of over 40,000 HCM users. This online community allows you to participate in daily active forums where you can share best practices, troubleshoot issues, and advance your HR career.

9. Customer success 

At each step of the cloud journey, we partner with you to ensure your project is successful. New Oracle customers have access to an implementation success manager, on-demand education, and success planning tools. We also offer 24/7 customer service across 145 countries to help you maximize your investment.

10. Global capabilities 

Most enterprises today operate at global and local levels. Our customers appreciate that Oracle Cloud HCM is designed to meet the international and regional needs of over 200 jurisdictions and 27 languages. Additionally, our payroll solution is localized in 13 different countries. 

At Oracle, we are committed to our customers’ success. We deliver 100% of product roadmap commitments, so our customers trust us to adapt to their changing needs, continually elevate their business, and provide the best experience for their employees. 

Read the ebook to learn more about the top 10 reasons customers love working with us.

Amy Lindsey

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Amy Lindsey is a product marketing leader for Oracle Cloud HCM.

Jayme Mesecher

Director, HCM Product Marketing

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