Success in the Cloud: 2019 Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud Benchmark Reports

March 15, 2019 | 2 minute read
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Written By: JP Saunders, VP of Business Value Consulting, Oracle

Belief, instinct, and hope are powerful tools in our lives, and sometimes that extends into business decisions too. Beyond that initial leap of faith that so many of us leverage internal bravery to venture beyond the known into uncharted territory, breaking traditional ways of thinking.

As organizations embark on their cloud journey, or are well underway and looking to expand, they need to develop a deeper understanding of the value they have achieved, or the potential value they could derive, from their cloud investments.


Questions to help you measure success:


  • Is your business taking the rights steps on its journey to the cloud to mitigate risk and maximize ROI?
  • Are you achieving the desired benefit from your Oracle Cloud investments?
  • How do your investments stack up to other businesses in your industry?
  • How should you be measuring your investments for success?
  • What are the right next investments to achieve your goal?

Whether you are seeking to transform your customer experience, modernize your back office, or just leverage the agility of the cloud to connect disparate data—every step in your journey to the cloud requires relevant and insightful business justifications for change that can effectively align your organization around the right plan for success.



The Oracle Value Realization Program is designed to help Oracle Cloud customers understand realized value, and achieve the full potential value from cloud investments.


Through this program, we like to help our customers:


  • Increase likelihood of cloud adoption and success
  • Identify areas to improve and achieve “full potential”
  • Promote success amongst organizations and key stakeholders
  • Quantify program value to drive adoption and consumption
  • Communicate in a language that resonates with stakeholders


The Oracle Value Realization Program regularly works with customers to understand the value of their implementations and then benchmark against their results. Two of our latest reports for Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud show examples of significant improvements that can easily be achieved:


  • 46% faster closing process - An Oracle customer targeted the closing process and was able to quantify the reduction in time to close from 13 to 7 days by using Oracle ERP Cloud.
  • 68% faster payroll processing - An Oracle customer reduced time to run payroll from 4 days to 4 hours with Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • 25% faster time-to-hire - An Oracle HCM Cloud customer saw a reduction in hiring time from 4 weeks to 3 weeks.

“The Oracle Value Realization Program allowed us to track our key performance indicators to maximize the benefits of our cloud experience.” Steven Van Houten, CFO, Rancon Group Inc.



Want to learn more? Check out the full 2019 Benchmark Reports for both our HCM and ERP customer success.

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