Retaining Top Talent Through Positive Employee Experiences

July 23, 2019 | 3 minute read
Tanios Boudames
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle HCM Cloud
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Balancing and integrating health, career, and family lives constantly challenge working professionals and sometimes leads to lower work productivity and higher attrition. As a result, many are attracted to companies that promote integration of work-life aspects.

In response to these needs, Oracle HCM Cloud Global HR includes Work Life Solutions, a module that increases employee engagement by aligning individual employee goals with the employer’s by focusing on three different features: My Brand, My Wellness, and My Volunteering, with each enhancing an aspect of an employee’s life.

Employee Career Development

Employees within an organization possess different skillsets often acquired at previous jobs, going beyond the capabilities of single-organization talent management solutions. To fully capture the potential of an employee, My Brand allows employees to list their skills on their employee profile. Managers and leaders can tap into these profiles and discover hidden talents while employees can improve their personal brand and accelerate their career development.

My Brand also creates a mentor/mentee network where individuals can connect with like-minded professionals across the organization to connect and share career advice, creating an internal talent pool for company leaders to tap into when they post new positions.

Finally, My Brand provides organizations a clearer picture into reputation metrics and workforce roles. Employees can see what skillsets their peers perceive they have and employers can view the potential impact an individual can have on the company in another capacity. For example, a product marketer who has skillsets in coding languages, could have the potential to provide help to the product development team when big projects and short timelines emerge.

Volunteering provides meaningful ways to give back to the community while fulfilling a corporate mission.

Employee Wellness

To fulfill other work-life aspects, like positive societal impact and better overall health, Work Life Solutions also includes My Volunteering and My Wellness. These two modules enhance employee’s lives outside of the workplace, while at the same time benefiting the employer. Studies have shown that volunteering may provide significant health benefits to individuals, such as stress reduction and lower hypertension.  This is why in the last year alone, we have used our Work Life Solutions to empower more than 25,000 Oracle volunteers to donate 100,000 hours to support causes they care most about.

Through My Volunteering, employees receive personalized volunteer opportunities based on their user profiles. An employee can engage with others across the company to donate their time to causes of their choice. Volunteering provides a host of benefits, including the opportunity to collaborate with others outside their line of business, promote a positive employer brand, and invoke a feeling of societal impact.

My Wellness encourages employees to start or build towards their health goals, including the ability to personalize their goals, keep track of their fitness activities and learn about fitness groups within their organization. With the workforce aging and increasing healthcare costs, organizations are finding ways to promote wellness and improve the health of their employees. According to research studies the number of hours employees work each week is at an all-time high and the estimated financial impact from absences from work, employee turnover, and healthcare costs is 300 billion a year. This increases healthcare costs for employers and results in diminished productivity from their workforce.

When employees integrate their health goals with Work Life Solutions it provides a place for them to organize this aspect of their life and motivate them to achieve their desired healthy lifestyle. This resource helps lower an organization’s healthcare costs, decrease employee absences, and ultimately create a healthier workforce.

Work Life Solutions now included with Oracle’s Global HR

Employee experience remains a top priority for executives looking to attract and retain talent in 2019. Across the board, surveys show that having a good work life balance increases productivity, satisfaction, and retention and Oracle HCM Cloud Work Life helps meet those goals with modules that address personal branding, volunteerism, and wellness.

Interested in learning more? Work Life Solutions is now included in Oracle HCM Cloud Global HR. Learn more about how you can utilize Work Life solutions to promote better employee experiences and increase your organization’s retention rates.

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Tanios Boudames

Product Marketing Manager, Oracle HCM Cloud

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