Recapping 2019: What HR Leaders Read This Year

December 30, 2019 | 3 minute read
Albert Qian
Content marketing manager for HCM
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Late December means a new year is upon us. While the future is filled with hope and innovation, it’s also important to look back at what resonated in 2019. 

Without further ado, we present our top 10 blogs of the past year:

10. How to Create a Successful Talent Development Plan

Workers change jobs more frequently than ever in today’s fast-paced world, requiring companies to develop talent development plans alongside their succession programs. Discover the key players in creating such a plan in this blog post.

9. Four Trends Impacting Workforce Planning

Planning is HR’s never-ending challenge, especially with economic uncertainty. Tim Sackett explores how HR professionals can approach the process to align with future business needs.

8. Five Lessons for HR Leaders from Modern Business Experience

Every year, Oracle customers gather at Modern Business Experience (MBX) to share best practices, understand market trends, and learn from industry experts. Event Marketing Director Krista Sterner shares the lessons from the 2019 edition. If you like what you read in this blog post, consider joining us in Chicago in 2020.

7. A Simple Guide to Succession Planning

Succession planning historically has focused on key leadership roles, but now focuses on the entire organization. Jason Richmond shares a simple guide for how companies can create an effective succession planning process that ensures continued success.

6. The Three Most Important Questions to Ask About Your HR Technology 
Without sufficient vision and clarity, HR leaders face overwhelm and confusion when selecting the right HR technology to support their goals. Jennifer McClure of Unbridled Talent explains the key questions that ensure the right investments are made. 

What were HR executives most interested in reading this year? We went to the archives and bring you the most popular blogs of 2019.

5. Rise of the Machines: Are Soft Skills HR’s Next Frontier? 
The technical skills gap remains a topic of conversation for popular media, even though HR professionals believe the real issue resides within soft skills. In either case, author and blogger Sharlyn Lauby believes that the imminent arrival of machines in the workplace presents an opportunity to elevate the employee

4. Transformative Innovation at Boise State University
Learn how Boise State University used Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud to achieve digital transformation. Changing the culture on campus to adapt to the continuous improvement nature of cloud-based software was key. 

3. Continuously Evolving to Make Work More Human
One of the beauties of cloud solutions is the opportunity to offer immediate feedback towards product improvement. This is no different in HR as contributing writer James Coleman explains. 

2. A Changing Workplace: Exploring the Intersection of AI and HR
The future of work has arrived, with workers trusting AI even more than their bosses. Robin Schooling of Strio Consulting explores how this new paradigm will change how we do work, from the use of private information to increased efficiency. 

1. Three Ways People Analytics Will Shape the Future of Work
People are at the heart of every organization, so building a strong business requires bringing in top talent. One method gaining traction is through people analytics, which analyzes and predicts worker performance. Stela Lupushor explains. 

Stay tuned in 2020 for more HR-focused content! If you’re interested in seeing something specific, let us know in the comments section below or contact us if you want to learn more about what Oracle HCM Cloud can do for you. 

Albert Qian

Content marketing manager for HCM

Albert Qian is the senior content marketing manager for the Oracle Cloud HCM Campaigns team and the editor-in-chief for this blog. He's passionate about telling the story of HR technology and how it can create better workforces.

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