Overcoming the employee engagement challenge: The journey to thinking beyond the 'book ends' experience

May 2, 2022 | 5 minute read
Courtney Mecikalski
Manager at Baker Tilly
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When thinking about the growing demands for talent and the push to provide employees a seamless experience throughout their careers, there is a unique opportunity to revisit the HR tools and processes being used today by the workforce to help increase employee engagement. One company working to help organizations solve the employee engagement challenge is Oracle. They recently unveiled their ‘Oracle ME’ platform, aimed at helping talent to connect, grow, and thrive within an organization.

The last few years were a pivotal time for organizations around the globe. Organizations faced new challenges never seen before, including a large shift toward remote work, furloughs, downsizing, building overnight omnichannels, and perhaps above all, extreme uncertainty as the world changed and tried to adapt day-by-day to all the unknowns.

As some workers begin to return to the workplace or move to a hybrid work model, organizations are presented with a new challenge - how can we keep our employees satisfied and engaged? How can we ensure that our workforce has a seamless experience throughout their entire tenure at our organization? Our human capital is the most precious asset for most companies, so why would an organization not want to give employees a great experience, listen to what they want, and provide a stronger sense of belonging?

While the world continues to change and redefine 'normal,' organizations must change with it. A new emphasis on the employee experience can help to ensure that the time and attention going into developing a skilled workforce is not lost and employees are not leaving for competitors. A recent study from Gallup on employee engagement cited overall engagement levels of around 39% of U.S. workers, while 14% of workers were actively disengaged in the workplace. The difference is even bigger depending on the team a worker is on and the leadership supporting that group. The same study cited that managers affected a staggering 70% of the variance in their team’s engagement, showing the major role that leadership has in either enhancing or hindering the overall satisfaction of their staff.

Oracle ME helps close the gap on the ‘books end’ experience many organizations provide today solely focused on the employee onboarding and offboarding processes by supporting employees in the flow of work throughout their careers. The platform provides a unique way for HR teams to connect with every employee in an organization where they are at, using tools native to the Oracle Cloud suite, including:

  1. Oracle CM Communicate: Oracle HCM Communicate allows HR teams to create, send, and track targeted communications for the workforce that help shape their organization’s culture, all from Oracle Cloud HCM. Reaching workers with personalized messaging around wellness, policy changes, new team members, and more can help improve morale across the organization by providing relevant messages that show employees they are known and valued.
  2. Oracle Touchpoints: Oracle Touchpoints presents a way for managers to engage with their employees continuously through pulse surveys and take action on employee sentiment, like scheduling a check-in or celebrating a work anniversary or milestone. Workers get access to an employee engagement center where they can organize topics for future one-on-ones, review their meeting history and past surveys, and follow up on assigned actions suggested to them. Oracle Touchpoints presents a unique opportunity for leadership to stay connected and engaged with their teams no matter where they are.
  3. Oracle Journeys: Oracle Journeys provides employees with step-by-step workflows to guide them through important tasks, like moving to a different location, getting married, or any other process, all in a single portal. New enhancements help employees make informed decisions by surfacing personally relevant instructions, training, and analytics along their guided digital journey. To help organizations get started, Oracle has also delivered over one hundred pre-designed journeys that can be rapidly adopted and tailored to start supporting the workforce now. Baker Tilly has pre-designed journeys for higher education and healthcare industries to help support experiences like staff and faculty ending a semester or beginning a new school year and address unique on-the-job training requirements.
  4. Oracle Connections: With workers returning to the office, working remotely, or in a hybrid arrangement, staying connected is more important than ever. Oracle Connections provides an interactive employee directory and organization chart to help employees find and connect with others. Employees can import their information from LinkedIn to their profile, view the profile pages of their colleagues, and build their network and relationships with peers across the organization.
  5. Oracle HR Help Desk: Oracle HR Help Desk is a service request management solution that provides employees with answers to their questions and allows HR to track cases without the risk of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. Employees can search for content, securely submit inquiries, and open help tickets through multiple channels, including Oracle Digital Assistant, SMS, email, and social platforms.
  6. Oracle Digital Assistant: Oracle Digital Assistant ensures that HR, managers, and employees have a conversational interface to address their immediate questions and easily be guided throughout the Oracle Cloud Suite by voice or text. Over 90 pre-designed 'skills' exist to address common questions and requests that include navigating employee self-service, searching for jobs, or even entering expenses. You can quickly implement Oracle Digital Assistant to support your employees on their first day and beyond. Both flexible and extensible, Oracle even offers the ability to modify delivered skills and words to better understand your organization's unique policies and procedures, providing a truly tailored employee experience.

Over the last few years, Oracle has made significant investments into several components of the Oracle ME platform, like Oracle Journeys, Oracle HR Help Desk, Oracle Digital Assistant, and Oracle Connections. But the latest offerings—Oracle HCM Communicate and Oracle Touchpoints—highlight the importance of organizations evolving employee experience or risk lagging behind the competition.

As the world redefines what 'normal' looks like, the Oracle ME platform is an opportunity to revisit how your organization can offer additional support and empower your workforce throughout their careers. It’s beneficial to begin thinking beyond the traditional onboarding and offboarding periods for workers and consider the role that HR can play to help truly engage employees every day. While the journey to driving employee engagement may seem long, those organizations that invest now will come out ahead in the ever-changing war for talent while increasing the happiness, retention and productivity of their most important asset: Their employees.


Read more about Oracle's approach to employee experience.

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Courtney Mecikalski

Manager at Baker Tilly

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